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Rockabye Bunny

This album is magic. Like, literally magic. I think Linda Danly may be a wizard. I’m 29 now, and when I was little, my mom would check this tape out of the library over and over. (I don’t know why we didn’t just own a copy. ) I knew every word to every song. Fast forward, I ordered this so I could relive my childhood, and it’s just as magical as I remember. If you’re ever stuck in DC Traffic, put this on and let the soothing melodies take you away to a happier place. Someone cut me off the other day, but I didn’t care because Rockabye Bunny was playing in the garden and WHO can be angry while listening to a baby bunny playing in the garden?I also let my four year old niece listen to it, and she was just as obsessed as I was. (Although, at one point during the bath time song, when Rockabye Bunny sang, "Look at me swim! Look at me dive! Isn’t it fun to be alive?". .. my niece asked me, "What does it mean to be alive?" So, be forewarned, this may inspire philosophical discussions with your pre-schooler. ) Check it out!

Rockabye Bunny is a soothing 24-track, stereo recording of original music, story and songs, written and sung by Linda Danly. The music is arranged for woodwings, strings, keyboards and harp, performed by outstanding musicians including members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Mother watches Rockabye Bunny explore the world around him. These songs capture the joy of running in the garden, splashing in the tub and snuggling close to Mother as she sings to him at naptime. The instrumental music of “Bunny Dream” offers music to dream by. Inspiring for any age. Chosen “best of the Best for Children” by Random House.

Rockabye Bunny Review

I had the tape of Rock-A-Bye bunny when I was a child and I loved it. I would sing it all the time. I was so excited to see that it was in existence now that I have my own child. It’s the story of a bunny as he goes through his day. We use it right after lunch for the perfect transition into a restful period. My daughter loves to jump around with Rockabye Bunny and then slowly rests as he rests. The ending is instrumental so there’s plenty of time for a nap. I see why my mom put this on all the time. -Read Reviews-

this is a master work. we enjoy it most every night. the juxtaposition between the active day of the bunny and the night time lullaby and bunny dream sequence is inspired and effective. Linda Danly’s lyrics transport the listener to a time when the wonder of being alive is so very special. the instrumentals are of a significantly higher quality than expected and the compositions and arrangements are just right. thank you Linda Danly for a much needed recording. I think its my nap time. ..

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