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Robo-Sauce Hardcover – October 20, 2015 by Adam Rubin (Author)

The resident seven-year-old is at the point where she’s really getting the joy of reading, so I’m always on the lookout for something that’s both funny and adventurous to spur that enjoyment. This book is it!The book arrived yesterday and was waiting when my daughter got home from school. Normally, when she’s just home from school, it’s play time. Yesterday was different. She picked up the book and immediately began reading. From the start there were exclamations and giggles – and loud ones!Suddenly, she was dying to show me things from the book. Look at this! Oh, mom, you need to see this! And then, finally. ..OH MY GOSH THE BOOK BECOMES A ROBOT!!!This is fabulous! The book is funny as can be, light-hearted, and my daughter absolutely loved it. If you still have doubts, do a quick web search. My daughter and I saw a video featuring the author and illustrator where they demonstrate the book and it’s hilarious. If we hadn’t already bought the book, we would have ordered it after watching it. An Absolute Gem of a book for your Beginning Reader! Check it out!

Review * “Brilliantly inspired… a tribute to the unpredictable power of imagination.” —Booklist, starred review  * “Is there an award for best gatefold ever? Then tell Rubin and Salmieri to get out their tuxes, because this book has the one to beat.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review”An abundance of absurdity that will entertain boys and girls of all ages.” —Kirkus”[A] funny and inventive take on robo-metamorphosis.” —The Wallstreet Journal”A pretty fun picture book.” —Popular Science   “Wonderful, but with an extra layer of crazy.” —  “Craziest dang thing I’ve ever seen…You may ask yourself, ‘Should I invest my money, my time and my love in this book?’ And the answer is yes…They know how to write a book.” —Betsy Bird   “The combo of Rubin and Salmieri do one thing: make books that are fun to read.”—100 ScopeNotes  

Robo-Sauce Hardcover – October 20, 2015 by Adam Rubin (Author) Review

I enjoyed Robo-Sauce so much that I bought copies for friends and family. It’s humorous, light-hearted, extremely well-illustrated, and the COOLEST part – the book turns into a flashy new robot at the end (in fact, I think the process of turning the book into a robot is a great learning experience for children – it requires following instructions and thinking spatially). Not only is the book super fun, it’s very timely. Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in our lives and kids are being encouraged to pursue interests in science/math/tech. This book is sure to please any child who is fascinated with sci-fi. -Read Reviews-

Very disappointed. I loved Dragons Love Tacos. I feel the language in this book models a rude and sarcastic manner of speaking. I made the mistake of not reading it silently myself first and had to censor my way through it with my 3 year old. The concept of a kid turning himself into a robot with a crazy sauce recipe is funny, but they get it all wrong in that the robot the kid becomes is destructive and capable of turning its parents to smithereens and going on a destructive rampage. Perhaps the author thinks rude, destructive, foul mouthed children are cute? I do not.

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