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Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple Audible – Unabridged Jeff Guinn (Author),

I was 16 when it happened, and remember reading a book about the tragedy several years later. That decades-old book didn’t compare to the detail, depth, and insight of The Road to Jonestown. I won’t go into the details of the story, as there are other synopses here. The lesson then, and it certainly applies today: when you listen only to one point of view, and surround yourself only with people who agree with you, you lose the ability to think for yourself. And the echo chamber becomes a trap. Whether it’s religion, or politics, it’s never a good idea. Check it out!

Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple Audible – Unabridged Jeff Guinn (Author), Review

I had low expectations for this book. While I liked the author’s Manson book, I wasn’t sure if he would handle the subject. And, I give it a B. I enjoyed the writing, I did, but 1001 lives (Another book on the Jonestown) was a better read. I did think alot of the Jim’s childhood and early marriage stuff was fairly new to read, or at least it was told for another perspective. Yet, by the time the Temple had arrived in Ukiah, years before Guyana, the author had sort of lost me. I’m about to mid 1978, and the book is just sitting here, and I can’t seem to finish reading it, and I read all Jonestown books. I even bought the hardback. AH well, good for my collection. -Read Reviews-

This is truely a fascinating true horror story. The book is excellent in research and at the end is a list of interviews and extensive notes. I think two quotes accurately cover this tragedy "the death quickly became renowned not as a grandly defiant revolutionary gesture, but as the ultimate example of human gullibility. (p. 454)" and "Those as gifted as Jones use actual rather than imagined injustices as their initial lure- the racism and economic disparity in America that Jones cited were, and still are, real – then exaggerate the threat until followers lose any sense of perspective (p. 466). " This book also made me research many of the politicians, lawyers, and famous people who used this cult to further their own careers and nasty agendas. This non-fiction horror story is a warning tale about many of the movements and politicians today – that parallel the evil in this mass murder. This book deserves an A++++++++

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