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RESCUE! TSW Non-Toxic TrapStik for Wasps

It took a few days, but then it started catching a lot of wasps and carpenter bees (but no honey bees). The only odd thing is sometimes when a wasp’s body is stuck but one or both wings are not, they make a peculiar buzzing/whining sound. It’s kind of pitiful. But why should I claim it’s pretty good when my photo can do the talking? Check it out!

The RESCUE! Non-Toxic TrapStik for Wasps effectively catches paper wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers. The TrapStik for Wasps uses new VisiLure technology to lure these stinging insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Wasps are attracted by the colors and patterns on the TrapStik, then get stuck to the adhesive surface. Wasps are lured to the sticky surface and once stuck, they expire on their own. You can hang TrapStik for Wasps under eaves to catch nesting paper wasps, mud daubers and carpenter bees. RESCUE!’s goal is to design, manufacture and market the safest, most effective pest control solutions available. Our products are the result of exhaustive and ongoing research and development, decades of experience and a commitment to solutions that respect the environment without sacrificing results. Established in 1982, RESCUE! pest management products have never used poisons or toxicants to kill pest insects.

RESCUE! TSW Non-Toxic TrapStik for Wasps Review

Was working great until this poor little bird thought he could eat some bugs. I will now buy the cages that go around these things to try to prevent birds from sticking to them. If anyone else comes across this problem and I am sure there will be, I used vegetable oil and dawn soap to loosen the bird and free him. -Read Reviews-

Highly effective wasp trap; catches queens and workers from spring through fall; perfect for yard, picnics and camping

Uses VisiLure technology to lure wasps with appealing colors and pattern; wasps get stuck to surface and expire

Place near nests to reduce populations, making it safer to spray

Durable adhesive holds up in hot weather; water resistant

Made in USA; no poisons or killing agents used

We had a major problem with wasps since we built our house a few years ago. Nest everywhere! It’s almost impossible to go outside with my 2 small children because the wasps around our house are pretty aggressive. I was sick of trying to battle them with chemicals (mostly because I’m scared of missing and them attacking me, ha!). I found this thing, and I am pretty grateful!Pros:- Super easy set-up. But you need to be careful taking the cardboard off. The sticky stuff is literally *right there*. I got my fingers stuck and yeah, well that was interesting. – Easy to hang, obviously. There’s a loop at the top. – Definitely works (see photos). – So far our wasp population is way down and we can use our swingset and back deck! We have reclaimed territory! Yes!!!Cons:- Like I said, the sticky stuff is RIGHT. THERE. When you pull the cardboard tab. And it is SO sticky. I got stuck. Definitely keep your hair away from it if it’s long!- If you’re in a place where there’s a lot of wind. You’re going to have to test out how you hang it at different angles. I found that it would fly off if the wind was blowing a certain way. Though now I think about it, you could probably tape the hole in the bottom mostly shut (you want water to drain) and put a couple rocks in there to keep it from swinging so much. Some people said they had issues with birds getting stuck in it. I assume they hung it on or near a tree which wouldn’t be very smart. Definitely keep it away from trees and out of reach of small children. I’m using a plant hanger pole (not sure if that’s what it’s called, ha!) and have it hanging near our deck, out of the flight path of our bird friends.

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