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Reloaded: 20 #1's

I have Never been a country music fan until i started listening to the CMAs & all the great country artists that perform on there. Blake Shelton is a wonderful example of those fine artists & "Reloaded" was a fabulous, fun CD. I really enjoy listening to his music because it makes me smile! He seems to be a very happy person – someone who is upbeat & helps those people around him. I have thoroughly enjoyed this CD, as i have all the others i have by him. Check it out!

Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits includes all of Blake’s chart-topping songs.  It features the 16 consecutive #1 country singles (a record) as well as his latest single-also destined to be the “21st #1”-“Gonna” as a bonus track. 

Reloaded: 20 #1’s Review

First cd that I didn’t skip over songs to hear the next. ….they were all great!! -Read Reviews-

Love the music on the album. Unfortunately, the CD itself seems to be a copy of the original. It would not upload with album information or song titles into my iTunes library or as an MP3 in my Windows Media library. I have never experienced this before from a CD that appears to be a legitimate legal product. Pain in the butt to have to type in all of the song titles and album information. I suggest you check who you are ordering the CD from if this would be an issue for you. Also a couple of tracks would not play properly in my DVD/CD player (skipped).

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