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Reckless Heat Paperback – April 8, 2017 by M. S. Parker (Author)

This is a full-length book about Drew a daredevil motorcycle sportsman and Jinx a journalist who just happens to be watching him perform at a small town fair. The attraction is instant, and the unlikely pair became a couple. Extra characters are well done with Dallas being Drew’s twin brother and Rhett, Jinx’s best friend and confidant. This story was written well, a little slow at times, with lots of steam and BDSM towards the end. Extra first parts of Married a Stripper and Twisted Affair at the end of this story to entice the reader to try another book by this author. "Her hands were hot, and her touch was firm, the perfect combination of pressure and friction. ""Forget my bike. Jinx was the true danger. And like every other dangerous thing in my life, I was drawn to her, consequences be damned. ""I deepened the kiss, wanting to sear the memory of our connection into my mind forever. ""Passion doesn’t just go away. .." Check it out!

Reckless Heat Paperback – April 8, 2017 by M. S. Parker (Author) Review

This book has left me speechless, it was just so amazing that I could not find the right words that would do justice for the awesomeness that the author has given us. Let me start with the main characters name, Jinx, how original is that, the only thing I wish was that we were told how and what the nickname means. Then we have Drew, oh my, I could visualize him every time, he seemed like such a big time man for coming from such a small town. When Drew and Jinx meet, for the first time, the sparks are just amazing, and I loved that they got to know one another before they take the next step in their relationship (its not often we can read a book any more that the main couple doesn’t jump into bed as soon as they meet). The story and characters in this book will stay with me a long time, and deserves more than five stars. -Read Reviews-

This standalone romance is fantastic and hot. M.S. Parker is amazing at writing a romance with light BDSM and emotions. I haven’t read a book by M.S. Parker that I didn’t love. Jinx and Drew have amazing chemistry. They have a rocky love story and you’ll love the ride. Told in both Jinx and Drew’s POV.

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