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Reba Mcentires Greatest Hits

One of the best greatest hits CD I have heard from Reba. I am huge Country Music nut, even though it is not a popular genre of music on the East Coast where I live. Reba is a legend in the music industry and this album is filled with great songs and yet I was only 1 years old when it was hitting the stores. My first-ever CD I ever received was her 1996 studio album, "What’s If It’s You" including the #1 single, "The Fear Of Being Alone. " I had to own that album after hearing that song and have remained a fan for 18 years now. This first-ever Greatest Hits album from Reba is a timeless addition to my 580+ CD collection (physical and digitally albums that is) and is growing still to this day! I also am a HUGE fan of LeAnn Rimes, Billy Gilman, Martina McBride & Shania Twain. Country Music has a piece of my heart since I was 9 and is my favorite genre of Music all-time even at only 27 years ago. God bless Country Music!! Check it out!

Reba Mcentires Greatest Hits Review

good cd well wrapped -Read Reviews-

I had this selection on vinyl. So glad I was able to get it on music compact disc. This is an excellent collection of songs and Reba sings them with so much emotion.

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