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RCA F32645 32" TV

O.K. to start with I would have rather bought a nice widescreen format digital but I just dont have 2 or 3 grand to spend rightnow. I was attracted by the . .. price with no tax . ..,not bad for a32in. t.v. . I was a little worried by the negative reviews but so farIm more than pleased with this t.v. . The cable system where I liveisnt the greatest but the picture quality on this set is much betterthan the 27in. I used before, the most dramatic improvement was withDVD’s not only is the bigger picture better for viewing but thesharpness,contrast and color are all excellent, I was really surprisedby how good the picture is. Another surprise was the very good soundQuality of the sets speaker system. My previous t.v. was an RCA hometheatre 27in. which I owned for 6 years without any problems, I hopemy luck with this set will be as good. All in all I wouldnt hesitateto suggest this t. v to anyone looking for good quality video on for the complaints I read about the gold+ guide I agree itssomething I didnt want either and its very easy to shut off just gointo setup and skip the setup for gold+ and it doesnt show upagain. Tho only complaint that I have and its a small one is that youhave to manually switch between the video and svideo inputs, I usevideo for my vcr and svideo for the dvd, I wish both video inputscould be active at the same time but it only takes about 10 seconds toswitch them using the setup guide so its really no big deal. Barringany reliability problems I think most people would be very happy withthis set especially at the price. Check it out!

Product Description w/Guide Plus, sound logic, comb filter, glow in the dark remote, 5-jack, S-jack The RCA F32645 32-inch Stereo TV99 is a high-performance TV with 705 lines of horizontal resolution and a digital comb filter. The dark-tint, high-contrast picture tube provides clarity of image and true color. The set also includes Guide Plus+ technology, letting you view an instant summary of programs, see listings up to 48 hours in advance, and record a program instantly at the touch of a button.The extensive sound system of the RCA F32645 provides a full home theater experience. The dbx noise reduction improves clarity and fidelity on stereo broadcasts, while two front speakers provide excellent imaging while localizing voices at the screen.The universal glow-in-the-dark remote assures accurate control of your VCR, cable box, RCA DIRECTV system, and RCA DVD players. Other convenient features include a sleep timer, alarm timer, and scheduling timer. Parents can monitor what their children watch with V-chip technology and an automatic setup menu walks users through the initial setup process.




RCA F32645 32" TV Review


This is basically the exact tv i bought in 1998, i believe the serial number is different, but it’s the same thing. After MUCH wrangling, i am going to the store tomorrow to pick up my new 32" tv. why? they are finally replacing this horrible excuse for a tv for me. when did the problems start? the nite i got it home. there was a black speck in the screen, i believe a bad pixel. anyway, i had to bring it back and get another one. over the past couple of years i have had the repair guy at my house about 10 times. why? well. .first of all it had a high pitched noise that appeared whenever it felt like. they fixed came back. also, the sides of the picture would compress and black lines would shoot across the screen, this happened on and off. they fixed that. it came back. they fixed it again. it came back. i got fed up and let the thing sit for about 6 months, and watched my old 25" goldstar instead. finally i decided to see what i could do about getting a replacement tv ( best thing i ever did was spend $150 on the 5 year anything goes plan) i have finally figured out why the sides of the picture compress. .when there is bright white or light on the screen. perfect example is a hockey game. .the bright white ice completely throws the thing off. i had to watch the Stanley Cup finals on my old tv. Oh yeah, another thing. .i recently purchased a DVD player, and it screws up the images in the background of a DVD. .for example, window blinds or telephone poles appear looks terrible. i connected my player to my old tv, and it looked great. So in closing i’d like to say that i’m very happy about picking up a new tv, and that i will never, ever, i don’t care if it’s a pack of gum, purchase another product from RCA. if you are thinking of purchasing RCA, you may have a great experience, or one like mine. my advice, run. run far away and get a quality product. .anything but RCA. -Read Reviews-

High-performance video amplifier

Front-fired speaker system

V-chip parental control

S-Video input

Guide Plus+ Gold

Yes, we all know the RCA name has not always been synonymouswith a quality product. However, I took a chance on this TV last Julyand have had absolutely no problems. The picture is beautiful, and the features are plentiful for the price. In short, I have been so happy that I recently purchased an RCA DVD player and RCA digital surround sound system as well. Those items have also performed flawlessly. Simply put, this is again a company moving in the right direction. Need more proof? Go to your local audio/video superstore and compare RCA’s HDTV and digital receivers with the competition’s. Like the other products I mention, you’ll find similar quality, more features, and a much lower price. For fellow college students or electronics freaks on a budget, take a chance like I did. You won’t be sorry!

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