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Razor Girl: A Novel Audible – Unabridged Carl Hiaasen (Author),

I have read every Carl Hiaasen book and enjoyed them all – finding it difficult not to laugh out loud, and appreciating the depth of his narrative skills. This work followed the unique structure and quirky tone that are hallmarks of Hiaasen’s genius. … but somehow "missed" in the humor department. unlike other reviewers, I not only didn’t laugh out loud: I didn’t even find myself smiling. Perhaps the formula is showing, but it just seemed tired and a bit overworked. Not his best effort, and a real disappointment. Check it out!

Razor Girl: A Novel Audible – Unabridged Carl Hiaasen (Author), Review

Another excellent work from Carl Hiaasen, south Florida’s premier chronicler of crime and weirdness. I first read Hiaasen many years ago, always delighted at his twisted humor and devious, criminal mind. But if you have ever lived there, you know that what he writes is merely a record of what passes for "normal life" in that fascinating part of the country. Once asked how he comes up with such crazy, inventive plots and characters, Hiaasen demured, saying that he simply takes the best of the daily news items and fictionalizes them. .. slightly. A great, fun read. -Read Reviews-

If you like whack job characters in wacko settings and situations, where the fictional device of coincidence is turned into an art form, then Carl Hiassen is your man. While most of his stuff leans heavily on the weirdness that is Florida, you could park this tale of reality TV gone wrong, entertainment agents desperate to save it, petty criminals, and a scruffy hero (of sorts) almost anywhere in the USofA today and come away with WTF hilarity that marks Hiassen’s work. A funny, fast moving read I totally recommend.

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