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Rawlings Bucket with 2 Dozen OLB3 Baseballs

I am not the typical person to complain about a product. I researched this product and read many complaints about these being cheap balls and falling apart. I thought to myself, "Yeah Right, they are baseballs they are not just going to fall apart. " I have used these balls for the past for weeks, with my three children: my son is 12 and plays little league baseball and middle school baseball, my daughter is 11 and plays park and rec softball and middle school softball, and my other daughter is 9 and plays little league baseball. We only practice on the weekend, one day, for about 2 hours (cause they are always at practice and games any other time). Already, after 4 uses, half of the balls in the bucket are damaged. By damage I mean, the outer synthetic plastic covering is torn, missing a piece, bunched up, bubbled, or the threading is tear away. This balls are at a cheap price, because they are really actually cheaply made. I will never by a synthetic ball again, I’ll invest the extra money next time on some real leather balls or actual baseballs. These balls were so bad, I told myself that I have to take the time to write a review so other people know how bad they actually are. My children and I would highly recommend buying another ball, you will be disappointed with these. Thank you for your time! Check it out!

The Rawlings OLB3 recreational play baseballs are recommended for age 8 and under. OLB3BUCK24 is an exceptional Rawlings product. The OLB3 ball can help the beginner excel on the field.

Rawlings Bucket with 2 Dozen OLB3 Baseballs Review

Update:These baseballs have made it through a couple of seasons now with multiple practices a week. I have since ordered better balls, and do find myself skipping over these and grabbing one of the better balls, especially when I’m working with pitchers. As stated before, the seams on these just don’t stick up as much. I’ve since moved onto these: Rawlings RCALI Cal Ripken Baseballs. The Cal Ripken balls are much much better, but. ..they should be since one dozen of those costs as much as two dozen of these. If you’re looking for high quality balls, these are not it. If you’re looking for decent practice balls, these are a good buy!Original Review:Arrived on time. Needed more baseballs for practice. These fit the budget. They are not the highest quality, nor the lowest. The seams don’t stick out as far like they do on more expensive baseballs, but for the price and the fact that I am using them solely for practice, they work perfectly. Will buy more when I need more. -Read Reviews-

Cork Center for Recreational Use

Recommended for Age 8 & Under

Synthetic Leather Cover for easy gripping

Official League Approved

After reading some of the reviews, I was super nervous about buying these but my 10 year old needed to practice his batting. Well. ..after three months of regularly hitting these balls into a net, they’re holding up perfectly fine. Yes they have some wear and no, they’re not the best balls in the world, but for the price, I’m very pleased. Maybe some of the reviewers have older kids who hit much harder, but for my kid, they’re perfect. I’ve attached a photo, this is the average wear on these balls after three months. …not bad in my opinion.

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