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Quicken Home & Business 2017 Personal Finance & Budgeting Software

For anyone looking to buy this software who has data in Quicken 2016 format please make the following notes. 1. Quicken 2017 when installing says it makes a backup of your data. IT DOES NOT. …..MAKE YOUR OWN BACKUPS. All it does it converts your data to 2017 which causes multiple issues with one step update. (See 2)2. One Step Update is flat out broken. When you first go to update it will tell you because the data was converted as a security measure they have removed the passwords. This wouldn’t be a big problem except I have 20+ institutions for which I download data from so I guess I need to go find / reset all the passwords. Ok done now just input the passwords and. ……. wait it doesn’t save the passwords in the vault. Are you kidding me Quicken? I contacted support and they told me it was a problem with my installed software (from the CD). After hours of troubleshooting with them and them telling me to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results they told me to restore the backup so we could re-convert it. (Turns out this is where I found out there was no backup). Thus the support engineer asked me to restore one 15 days ago which overwrote my primary data file without asking me what name to write it to or confirming it before doing such an action. After losing 15 days of data and 3x escalations later I asked for someone who knew wtf they were doing. Lucky for me I use Amazon cloud drive and had a backup I could restore from there or I would have been screwed. 3. Stability of this software is just terrible. Things as simple as entering downloaded transactions shouldn’t hard crash this software. As a test I ran the same data file with the same data download on 2016 vs 2017. The 2017 crashed 3x times before finally accepting the transactions and the 2016 although slow did take the transactions as it typically does. This is an extremely basic feature of this software and for this to be happening on both VM and physical hardware is just unacceptable. 4. Downloaded investment transactions can take minutes to enter per line – Back in 2012 Intuit (now Quicken stand alone company) changed the way investment transactions were downloading which caused massive delays when downloading hundreds of investment transactions and actually inputting them into the register. Although this has been a constant complaint for those of us with active investment transaction portfolios Quicken has never fixed this issue. However, this year they apparently decided to make this issue worse as now it is slower than ever putting these transactions into my investment register. I know you’ve read "if I could give it 0 stars I would" many times before. Let me start by saying if I could give this a negative 5 stars I would. I have been through the painful experience of updating Quicken every year for the last 18 years. Most of the time it is just simply a little annoyance here or there or they moved something for which I wasn’t used to. This version is by far the absolute worst and honestly I can’t believe it got through QA as simple tasks send you into programming loops. Sadly I actually went back to 2016 and 2017 RC3 is just not stable or good enough for me to trust my 10’s of thousands of financial transactions on. Check it out!

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Quicken Home & Business 2017 Personal Finance & Budgeting Software Review

I have been using Quicken since 2007. Unfortunately, for the past 4-5 years, Quicken has been getting worse and worse. Its responsiveness and features are just disappointing. I used to purchase every update, but then because of very bad reviews on 2016 version, I stayed with my 2015 until now. Then I read that Quicken was sold to a different company, so I was excited and expected to see a big improvement under the new management. I WAS WRONG!Here is my thoughts on the 2017 version: The only change that you can see after installation is just a minor change in the design which they made the icons and bars flat to mimic new flat design that we see everywhere. Other than that, I can’t see any serious change. As far as performance and speed, 2015 was the slowest software that I have seen. But 2017 is even worse. Sometimes, you have click on a button twice for it to work. Also, I have never used END TASK this many time since Windows 98, that I’m using now. You will see the software stop working frequently and you need to END TASK it and restart. Overall, this is the worse update thus far. If I haven’t already paid for this version, I prefer to go back to my 2015, or yet even better to 2014 version. Save yourself some money and headache and do not update to 2017 and hope to see some improvement next year. -Read Reviews-

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First off, I will say I have been using Quicken for over ten years. It is an extremely valuable tool and I rely on it to manage my finances. I NEED a tool like this and will happily pay for it annuallyif it works well. With that said, it needs a complete rewrite to be worth a penny. Charging people money for this app that currently looks, feels, and operates as if it was programmed by kindergarteners should be a crime. Here are some of the issues you will have if you choose to use this horridly written software:- On lower resolution screens AND screens that use scaling – critical pop-over windows will be cut off. This makes entering transactions much more fun because the category you are trying to pick is completely off the screen so you have no idea what you have selected until you press enter. – The program will randomly and frequently crash. – If you enter a transaction, the entire app will flicker as it recalculates god only knows what. Its feels like is suddenly factoring large prime numbers and as it freezes and nearly crashes. – I will take a solid 5-10 seconds to start Quicken if have one of the latest and most powerful i7 processors and 32gb of ram. If you have a less powerful PC, good luck. – If you click on any account or main tab in the app, it will take a solid 5 seconds to load as graphs and account windows painfully appear and get painted in. – When you download transactions from your financial institutions, the app will certainly become unresponsive, sometimes will crash, and the download will take an absurd amount of time to complete. – If your downloaded transactions ever get out of sync and Quicken suddenly downloads 80 plus transactions from the last three months that are already in your register, you will have to painfully delete them one by one as to not accept a duplicate into the register. Is a multi-select with a delete button really that hard to pull off?- Choosing to sync to the Quicken Cloud is a mistake you will only make once. Yes, the idea of using Quicken on a phone is enticing. But unless you want data duplicated and missing do NOT attempt it. – If you have a high-resolution monitor that uses DPI scaling, text in the app will be cut-off, too small, too large and just generally screwed up. – If you try to copy and paste in the app, it might or might not work. Toggling the setting in the app to override ctrl-c might or might not fix the problem. It solely depends on the time of day or how Quicken feels at the moment. It makes copying and pasting transaction numbers from excel or financial websites more challenging. – If you enter a transaction when one or more reports is open, the reports reload and scroll back to the top completely losing your place in the report and collapsing all expand boxes. Ever year a new version. Ever year it gets a little be more unusable and unstable. Perhaps it is time to start over from scratch with a new philosophy and new team of managers/developers? I can only hope.

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