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Quicken For Mac 2017 Personal & Budgeting Software

Thank you, Sweet Jesus! Finally a financial package for the Mac that isn’t developed in someone’s garage in Ethiopia. Fortuitously, I happened to search for Mac financial software on the day that Quicken for Mac 2017 was released. Seeing that it had all of the features I needed (primarily Bill Pay) I downloaded from Amazon and within minutes was underway. I will describe my findings from installation onward below. Download was very fast, maybe a minute. Installation was like always on a Mac, click the dmg file and drag the Quicken icon to the Applications folder, then authenticate. I had already exported a QIF file from MoneyDance to my desktop and selected that to import 13 years worth of transactions. This did take several, maybe 5, minutes, but it also did some investment accounts. It seems that Quicken has anticipated people switching back from other software as their help section mentions known problems in importing QIFs from MoneyDance and Banktivity. I did not have the problems described. Next I went about connecting all of my accounts online, which was mostly seamless. I _think_ that Quicken has remedied the problems I had with MoneyDance fudging up my Fidelity accounts to the point that I gave up trying to use them at all, though I will have to delve deeper and report back. The SunTrust connection was wonderful (except for Bill Pay, described later) in that ALL accounts were downloaded and setup automatically, including a trust, mortgage, credit card, and kids’ savings accounts. I did have to do a little back and forth to name the accounts something friendlier than the account numbers, but that was not unexpected or difficult. The only problem I had was really with SunTrust, not Quicken, in how I setup Bill Pay. SunTrust has two separate logins, one for the web with bill pay and one for PC Banking with Bill Pay. I did not remember this from MoneyDance setup years ago and used my web login. The great thing about this is that I discovered that Quicken has telephone support. Real, live, English speaking natives who answered my call! I ended up asking support several questions, two of which became bug reports, one was resolved, and the Bill Pay problem that was eventually solved by SunTrust from a second phone on the other ear. In all she patiently spent almost 80 minutes with me on the phone. As to my initial impressions with the software. .. It looks very nice: Modern and professional, unlike the MD software that looks old, tired, and undeveloped. I have found it easy to enter a new transaction and suspect that merging/pairing transactions will be a simple click, though I have none to do today. Bill Pay, once connected, was easy to figure out as well, though I will have to reenter addresses for Payees. That is a small price to pay for the overall ease of use improvements. Reports are extremely fast and make sense. In particular I like the one titled “Spending Cloud”. Imagine a picture of all of the words used in your expenses where the more you used the word the larger the word appears, with all of the words forming the shape of a cloud. …That’s what it’s like. It gives an immediate idea of where your money is going without the details of dollar amounts or dates. I can’t comment on the Budget function, as I have never set up one. :/There is a Bill Reminders section where you can handle all of your bills on time or in advance, like paying them, deleting reminders that aren’t needed, reporting on the particular payee, and scheduling future transactions. It’s pretty straight forward and easy. The Calendar is essentially a report in graphic form. You can pick which accounts to show, expenses and/or income, payees, etc. This should really help with planning cash flow. Finally are Alerts. These are pretty customizable. Think ‘low balance’, ‘big purchase’, ‘credit balance’. That kind of thing where you really need to know right away. You can even have them sent to you via email. Included is a free iPhone app that syncs with the desktop and gives you all of the information you need for all of your accounts, just one, or any number in-between. Fingerprint authentication makes it easy to get in on the iPhone, and it also provides you with all of the numbers as well as graphs for your accounts. Instantly you can see where you are spending money, Cash Flow, investing, and more. There is also a feature to snap a picture of your receipt to add to transactions in the app. It then syncs back to the desktop for later viewing. I wonder if I can get this to work with my Amex. …..Complaints. ..I’ve had a few. … (I had Queen: We are the Champions playing in my head as I wrote this). So far they are pretty minor and are related to the bugs I reported above. On the main screen I find the font too small and there is at this time no means by which to increase the size. As I get older it means that I have to sit about 8 inches from my iMac to see clearly. Not good. The only other problem I see is that unless you filter the register by “Any Status” there is no running balance. So, when I select “Uncleared” to see what is coming up I can’t see what the expected balance is on any given day. This could be a problem if someone holds a check for several weeks. If that happens you could potentially have many, many transactions between the held check and current checks and the reported balances would not be accurate. If not accurate, they aren’t useful. Overall, I am thrilled to have another option for Mac financial software. There is still some development to be done, but it appears that most bases are covered and quality of usefulness is high. I would recommend this product and will report back in the future. [. ..] Check it out!

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Quicken For Mac 2017 Personal & Budgeting Software Review

I purchased Quicken for the Mac 2017 directly through the Quicken site. I’ve been a user of Quicken for probably 30 years. I have 20 years of data in my current file. In 2015 I decided that keeping a separate computer for Quicken Windows or running Bootcamp just weren’t worth it. I transitioned to Quicken Macintosh 2015. The decision was pretty painful. I felt as if I gave up a pretty solid product for something that had much less of the function, was slower, and less solid. Quicken 2017 for the Mac, though, is the first version that has not made me pine for the Windows version. The interface, while not radically different is clean and modern. Overall it feels much snappier and less buggy. Importing my data files was seamless (That said I spent quite a bit of time reconciling all of my accounts when 3. 51 came out and making sure everything was in line with new reconciliation method). If I have criticisms. ..they are minor. It still feels a little bit like Windows 10. Superficially, everything is great, but you don’t have to dig very far to get to features that feel unfinished. Backup, Payees, Categories and I’m sure numerous other features feel a little outdated. But that said with each interim release the product does get better. People often resent the yearly update price. And I would agree that in the past it did seem high. Now however I look at Quicken as more of a subscription service. I rarely have to enter data, and it does a good job of pulling all my transactions from multiple accounts, and aggregating them in one easy to view place. Also I think the current version of the iOS app while not fully featured yet (I don’t think you could use as a standalone) is easy to use and works well with the desktop app. One final note, security is quite good with two factor authentication enabled on your accounts. Overall a great improvement over past editions. -Read Reviews-

Imports all your bank transactions safely and automatically, including those from loan, investment & retirement accounts. No need to jot it all down or save receipts

Categorizes all your transactions and puts them in one place. Know how much youre spending without jumping from website to website to add it all up

Stay on top of your spending. Creates a budget you can live with based on past spending. Also shows how much youll have left to spend after your bills are paid.

See how your investments are performing with updated quotes and realized/unrealized gains. Makes tax time easier by tracking your deductions and creating reports

Manage your money on-the-go from your mobile device. Check your budget, account balances and now investments

I have been using the Windows version for over 20 years and find the Home and Business version amazing software for the price. The Windows version deserves 5 stars. The Mac version has been slow in development, recently due to Intuits sale of the Quicken product group. The Mac version is only "adequate" and is a good idea if you MUST use Quicken for Mac. It still has a LONG way to go to match the Windows version, so if you are expecting it to be as good. ..well don’t, because it’s not. At least not yet. Many people I know that have gone to Macs keep a Bootcamp partition or virtualization software on their Macs JUST to use Quicken for Windows. The software will do conversion from newer Windows versions, but in my case, repeated attempts still left errors and number changes in Investment Accounts. Perhaps a call to Quicken support would have corrected it, but instead I chose to go back to Windows. Needing to reference your Intuit ID for many functions is a pain, further complicated by apparently not wanting to use the same ID for more than 1 set of files. The range of reviews is dramatic, and I think that is because of the great difference in user requirements. It appears to do basic functions well, and starting from scratch might be fine also, but converting existing files, especially ones containing years of investment transactions, will leave you frustrated. You can try it and see if it works for you because Quicken offers a 60 day unconditional refund on the software, a benefit which I DID take advantage of. Maybe it will be up to par by 2018 or 2019.

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