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Quell Electrodes One Month Supply

They are okay. They are nowhere near as "sticky" as the ones that came with the Quell unit and they tend to pop off the connection to the unit by themselves. Not sure why they should be any different than the starter kit electrodes, but they are. I’m a bit disappointed. I cant tell if the difference effects the quality of function of the device. It does not seem to do anything for me. I’ve had it since January. I did have to return the first unit I had to the company because it would not charge. Their customer service was great and I had a new unit in 24 hours!I really wish that it worked for me:( Check it out!

Product Description Quell is drug free wearable technology that changes the lives of people with chronic pain. It combines clinical strength neurostimulation to treat pain with an app that helps people manage pain and reclaim their lives. Quell is doctor recommended and designed for people with chronic back pain.

Quell Electrodes One Month Supply Review

Works well with my Quell device, product arrived on time, packaged well, will purchase again. -Read Reviews-

Enables your Quell device to deliver safe, effective pain relief

Each electrode is reusable and has a liner to protect the electrode between uses

Made in the U.S.A.; uses advanced hydrogel technology

Each electrode lasts about two weeks with typical use. Each pack contains 2 electrodes (1 month supply)

Electrodes only work with the Quell device; both electrode and device are required

Quell is amazing. By using it I was able to reduce my pain medication and I am hopeful that I can completely stop taking it.

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