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Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit Top w/ 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit

While this kit won’t replace a higher end electronic drum setup, it offers some unexpected features we love. It also has drawbacks. My 11-year-old grandson has the summer off from his drum lessons, but wanted to practice regularly and learn some new songs. This set seemed the best bet for that and we are pleased. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to use the controls to set the configuration he wanted and he especially liked the provided loops with timer that allowed him to quickly learn and play along with these relatively simple routines. That gave him a boost in confidence to try more complex things. Out of the box, we used the AC adapter to plug the unit into an outlet because we didn’t have the necessary 6 C batteries on hand. Once we buy those he’ll enjoy having the set more portable. I worried that it would be too loud and possibly annoying to listen to so I had some headphones on hand for him to use (you need ones with a fairly long cord to reach from the back of the unit under or around it thus out of the way and to the user), but we never plugged those in because it is more pleasant to listen to than expected and of course there are volume controls. We downloaded a song he knew onto my iPhone and started that so he could play along. He set the volume so it matched the playing song and did pretty well. His major complaint was that occasionally a drum head doesn’t sound as it should which would distract his rhythm. You do need to hit them ‘just so’ to get the response. I guess when you’re used to a full size kit, it’s a bit awkward to hit these small pads consistently and in the right place. There are ‘dead spots’ at the edges of the pads and sometimes when he hit two pads at once in a faster riff, one might not sound. That might have been a product of his inexperience, but it’s something to think about if you expect to use this kit for more than practice and play. As a listener, I thought the cymbals and some other sounds should have more reverb than they did, but that may be something you can set. There are a lot of options for settings. The thing that ended up entertaining us all for a long time and was totally unexpected was that in addition to the many choices for drum set sounds, there are over a hundred other sounds to choose from. Everything from explosions, thunder, various animal sounds, laughter, footsteps, a creaking door, an eerie scream to car sounds and convincing war sounds. You can set each pad and pedal separately and save the configuration just like you can with the drum set sounds, so my young drummer ended up creating sets to match stories he made up and then punctuated them in the telling with various sounds. That was a lot of fun. Bottom line: It was easy and fast to set the unit up initially using one of several preconfigured drum set combinations assigned to the pads and pedals that are pretty standard, I guess, as he was able to instantly identify which pad represented which corresponding drum set piece and was satisfied with the sounds, but I was amazed at the options available to set things up to suit specific needs. He had no trouble figuring out how to do this without the instructions and spent hours at it, making up stories to punctuate with sound effects as well as playing along with provided loops and demos and real songs playing on other media. If he sticks with his lessons he’ll need a higher end set than this, but for now this is fine and decent value for the price. Check it out!

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Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit Top w/ 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit Review

We bought this drum kit for our 11 year old. Here’s why:- It’s compact- It’s electronic so we can vary the volume and even wear headphones- It has many different selectable drum sets- It costs significantly less than what a decent digital drum set would cost. My son loves it and so does the rest of the family. We have formed a family band and this drum kit fits in nicely with the guitar, bass, and vocals when plugged into our Behringer K1800FX keyboard amp Behringer ULTRATONE K1800FX 180-Watt 4-Channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier. This drum kit sounds incredibly realistic and can get very loud with the keyboard amp. With the keyboard amp the drums can keep up with my 100 Watt Fender Mustang III guitar amp. It’s good but it’s not perfect:- It does not register every hit, so it might frustrate you if recording. It’s good about 99% of the time. – There is no provision for rim strikes. – The pedals are cheesy and tend to move around while you’re playing. All in all though, we love these drums and highly recommend them. Update 6/27/2013 – I made a stand for the drum set which dramatically improved the performance of the kicker and hihat pedals. Performance of the set is now close to a professional digital drum set with a smaller footprint and at 1/4 the cost. Total cost of the stand was $26. Here are the components:- Target TV Tray $8- Piece of shelving for bottom of stand free- Angle bracket with screws to mount shelf bottom to stand $2- 1″ Angle brackets with screws to hold pedals in place $1- 4″ long screws with nylon locking nuts to go through “hinge” of pedal $1- 4 large screw mount tie straps to hold 4″ screws free- 1 non slip rug pad from Target $6 -Read Reviews-

7 Drum Pads with Touch Sensitivity – 2 Pedals Pad Layout – 25 Preset Drum Kits

5 User Kits – 215 Percussion Voices – 100 songs

1 Demo Song – USB Port (MIDI In/Out)

Sold as: Unit

I bought this for my son this year for Christmas and it is great except there was one problem. One of the pedals does not work at all. Unfortunately we have to unplug the only working pedal back and forth, from the high hat to the kick drum. We love the product but it is kind of an inconvenience. We also cannot simply get a replacement pedal which again is disappointing. One would hope when spending that much, all the parts would work.

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