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Puccini - Turandot / Sutherland · Pavarotti · Caballé · Ghiaurov · Krause · Pears · LPO · Mehta

Nothing on earth prepares you for Joan Sutherland’s performance as Turandot. The high tessitura here is nothing for her, and her dramatic take on this role is astounding. Only Nilsson LIVE can be compared to this, and Birgit Nilsson, while great, must take second place here. Corelli is better than Pavarotti, but when Luciano and Joan take to the top of the staff there is true art. This recording was a hit from day one. When I asked Joan Sutherland at a signing session why not sing this role, she thought is was "cardboard. " What a cardboard night it might have been with her and Luciano and Caballe!!!Buy this and play it forever. Check it out!

Product description No Description Available.Genre: Classical MusicMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 1-JAN-2002 Joan Sutherland is not usually considered a Puccini singer, and in fact she sang the role of Turandot only in the recording studio. But for that assignment she had exactly what was needed: a voice that seemed to have no upper limits and a personality that concealed vulnerability under an air of icy detachment. She also had an ideal set of colleagues, notably Luciano Pavarotti, whose “Nessun dorma” has become practically his signature tune. –Joe McLellan

Puccini – Turandot / Sutherland · Pavarotti · Caballé · Ghiaurov · Krause · Pears · LPO · Mehta Review

I write this review after reading of Luciano Pavarotti’s death. I do not know music, but I love opera, and this recording of Turandot includes some of the most magnificent voices you will ever hear. Like other reviewers I don’t like Sutherland at all, and (being Italian) I find her pronunciation awkward and distracting. But Caballe’ is magnificent (just listen to her “Signore ascolta”) and Pavarotti’s “nessun dorma” is legendary. One can think as badly as he/she wants about Pavarotti’s late excurisions into pop music or about his latest forgettable performances, but every opera lover should be thankful for all the marvelous recordings which this great artist left us. Whatever his last years have been, Pavarotti has made this a better world, and this recording is just one of the many reasons why his legacy will outlive us all. If you like Pavarotti singing Puccini Operas, another marvelous recording is “La Boheme” with Mirella Freni (von Karajan directing the Berliner). Both highly highly recommended. Today we lost one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. -Read Reviews-

I just wanted to rate this as highly as possible – it is divine. Simply divine. If there was any doubt about Joan Sutherland being the voice of the century, this recording will easily nullify all the debates. It is Sutherland, and Sutherland only. PS: Sutherland’s voice is what I would describe as ‘golden’ in hue and effect. It is a marvel to witness how cold that gold sounds here, as the Ice Princess Turandot. It is a block of luminous gold; solid, thick and reflective. It is trained impeccably well: agile, un-apologetically feminine and poised. It is not liquid, but still malleable. A voice with no upper limit, yet brooding with a cold fire beneath it all. Sutherland sounds like an angel as Lucia and Lakme. The sensual warmth of her voice, which can be found in her Violetta or Semiramide, is nowhere to be found here. This is her Esclarmonde/Norma voice: cold as the blue ocean. People will say she was not an actress. Well, she was not. She was a musician, and if you can manage to evoke this much emotion with your voice alone, then who really cares about prancing around in silly costumes or so-called flawless diction? This is way up there as a crown jewel of opera for me, very much like Callas’s incomparable Tosca.

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