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Rarely is such honesty and emotion displayed through music these days. Emm is part of what I like to call the greater music community or to the late person, Canada. This cd is spectacular for many reasons, one being Dave Genn (Matthew Good Band) does most of the lead work on guitar. I could listen to this cd straight through a million times. Summerlong is probally the worst track on the album, and believe me its still a great song. I recomend this cd to anyone who enjoys lite alternative music, its a wonder this album didnt put her on the map of the global community. I cannot say enough about this album except that this is a purchase you will never regret. Check it out!

Only 22, coy Canadian charmer Emm Gryner doesn’t waste a lot of creative energy on overtly adult issues. The sunshiney flagship single "Summerlong" is a good litmus test: As innocuous as a fluffy beach paperback, the jingle-jangler bounces along on a frothy rhythm as it relates the mildly sorrowful tale of a July romance that falls by the wayside like so many October leaves. And, track after track, this starry-eyed lass uses her piano and gently emotive voice to wring more and more drama from her affairs of the heart–until finally, limp as a dishrag, her love spent, she’s reduced to believing that "Death Is a New Day." Despite the Canadian connection, Gryner is no brassy Alanis, no madrigal-matronly McLachlan. Her outlook is youthful, ultimately optimistic, and–thanks to a confessional songwriting style that’s as personal as a diary–altogether heartwarming and humane. The kid’s got chops. Now if she can only find the right relationship. –Tom Lanham




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I’ve been a fan of Emm Gryner for a while now, since 2000 or something like that. This was the first album I bought and it was truly one of the best decisions of my life. “Public” is comprised of “stages”. It’s like diving into a giant bowl of your favourite dessert and that feeling lasts every single time you play this record. It’s a timeless record (aka one that never gets old, boring or overplayed). Gryner, who I think is one of the best song writers out there, has a special gift for music. This little known Canadian artist was named a favourite by David Bowie! She deserves a hell of a lot more credit than she gets. As for the songs on “Public”, one word sums it up: BRILLIANCE. The album starts off with the upfront guitar featurette ‘Hello Aquarius’, which I find musically inspiring. Emm goes into her simple yet complex lyric mode with the follow up ‘Wisdom Bus’. ‘Summerlong’ was her single that has a more stripped down version on “Dead Relatives”. It’s an upbeat and her most “pop” song on the record. The first ballad-esque song on the album, ‘Death is a New Day’ is lyrically amazing. This will blow your mind . . . seriously. ‘Phonecall 45’ is a heavier song and one of my favourites. It’s angry Emm. ‘Acid’ is a slower, piano ballad that is angry, sad and an emotional downslide. If this song doesn’t want to make you cry – you have no feelings. ‘The Good You Make’ is sort of like ‘Summerlong’ in that it is a bit “pop” but it’s still musically unique. ‘Your Sort of Human Being’ was my favourite when I got the album, it’s distinctive and different. ‘The End’ is my favourite song now, it’s the “who-stole-my-heart” song and her nifty lyrics. This can leave you feeling chills. ‘July’ is again like ‘Summerlong’, it’s a feeling of love lost. ’89 Days of Alcatraz’ is possibly the heaviest song on the record, featuring straight up guitars and drums. Emm sounds angry and it’s sweet. The album ends on a slow note with ‘This Mad’, which is beautiful and inspiring. The first line will suck you in “It’s the start of the month, one of twelve I don’t like – I’m too upset to even try to write, but I will . ..” – wow. This is a HIGHLY recommended album and if you’re in high school – this helped me get through it so give it a shot. Beautiful, tragic, honest, angry and such a well-rounded album. -Read Reviews-

The first major label release from Emm Gryner is a little known treasure. Essentially a more polished version of her true debut album “The Original Leap Year” (also excellent, with a rougher sound to it), “Public” contains most of the same tracks with more lush production and instrumentation. For some reason that still eludes me this album received little promotion, and Emm was subsequently dropped from her label. There are several ‘should have been radio hit’ songs on this album, including the upbeat “Summerlong”, “Wisdom Bus”, “Hello Aquarius”, and my personal favorite “89 Days of Alcatraz”. Meaningful and emotive lyrics abound, and are on no better display than in “Acid” (included on one of the Lillith Faire compilations) and “Your Sort of Human Being”. Emm writes all of her own lyrics AND composes all of her own music, and her time and effort are very apparent throughout this album. For those just becoming aquainted with Emm’s work, I would advise beginning with her newest album “Asian Blue”, as it is more immediately accessible than “Public”. Only with repeated listens can “Public” be fully appreciated, but the experience is well worth the time. I would also like to point out that she has another album available of completely original material, “Science Fair”, which is currently unavailable from amazon. It is also a superb album, if VERY unproduced and somewhat soft. As with “Public”, it will endear itself to you further with every listen. Emm is what the female singer/songwriter should be. .. independent, intelligent, hard working, and an honest to god musician. Highly reccomended.

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