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I’m a sucker for anything Rush puts out and since they started these Vinyl reissues well over a year ago I have been buying each one. With Presto I remember fondly the tour, they had giant hats on stage with bunnies popping out of them. Rush’s stage shows have been entertaining and a seperate specticle onto itself, washing machines, etc. But back to this album. With each reissue vinyl I have been purchasing it included a card (it’s also a sticker I think) for an album download. For those new to this, you go to a website, enter some info along with the code on the card and then download the zip file that contains all the tracks. Sadly you don’t get any format options such as AAC, etc, you get mp3’s. However with this release the site I had to go to was different (Rhino) and the download was FLAC. No other options. Ok, before anyone asks "What’s wrong with FLAC, it’s an awesome format!", the problem with this is that it’s not mainstream. How can they dictate to the consumer that the format of choice you shall receive is FLAC? Seriously!? Not everyone who buys this album is a digital music geek and will prefer FLAC over something else. I think this was a dumb idea for them to do this and if it wasn’t for Amazon providing their own music rip of the tracks I would have felt even more ripped off. In closing, Rush’s album 5 stars, using FLAC as the download, 1 star. 3 star average. Check it out!

Product description RUSH Presto CD A Rush album based on groove? Strangely enough yes, and what’s even more astonishing is how well it works. Rush have always been known more for technical flash than for straight-ahead rock, but Presto achieves a synthesis of the two that’s accessible without compromising. It’s strong lyrically, without the heavy-handed symbolism that makes, for instance, “Trees” so difficult to listen to, and the band often gets into a rhythmic groove that’s positively infectious; check out “Scars” or “Superconductor.” Presto is also the first Rush album where the incorporation of electronics and synthesizers truly works, instead of sounding like an additional layer artificially added to existing music. This album marked something of a creative rebirth; Rush has turned out consistently strong efforts ever since. — Genevieve Williams




Presto Review


This album is Rush’s highest musical achievement, in my opinion. They produced it at the point in their careers where their youthful energy, talent, and creativity were perfectly complemented with the maturity, artistic freedom, and technical mastery they had acquired from their vast experience proceeding it. This is the only Rush album that has a couple songs on it that my "Rush hating" friends enjoy, and (less remarkably) an album that my Rush-fan friends will listen to time and time again. Unlike most Rush albums, if a person can’t appreciate this album, they simply don’t understand music. -Read Reviews-

PRESTO is one of my favourite RUSH albums. I have all of them. However, I prefer the the old audio cd played through 7-channel receiver. The SACD version is only 2-channel. It will only play in multi-channel mode, in this case only two. It lacks the full robust sound of the original cd with Geddy’s vocals coming through the centre channel. Definitely not worth the money. Very disappointed with the sound reproduction!I gave it two stars instead of one because it is still on of my favourite RUSH albums, having great music and lyrics.

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