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Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books) Hardcover – September 14, 2010 by Leslie Patricelli (Author)

This book shows (so you can decide if it matches your needs):- A gender-less baby character (12 months to 24 months max)- Child using a toddler potty (not the regular toilet)- A naked baby with privates cleverly covered; one image of a bare butt (see pic)- A dog and cat going potty outside and in cat box- No actual poop or pee- Baby running with toilet paper in celebration at the end (see pic)The story, in a nutshell [I say he, but baby could easily be a girl]:Baby has to go potty and wonders where he should go (in diaper or somewhere else). He asks where the animals go to the potty and sees where. He decides to try going on his toddler potty. You see a sequence of the steps (remove diaper, sit, read book, wait, wait more) before he succeeds ("Tinkle, tinkle, toot. .. I did it!"). He celebrates with his parents. Last page spread just depicts all kinds of underwear, presumably to help your little one can get excited about wearing them (boy and girl styles shown). Verdict:The book is adorable and I love the art. This book has short, simple sentences and clearly target the younger potty training crowd (definitely for under 2, though older toddlers may still enjoy). I’ll working on potty training soon (hopefully around 18 months) so I really appreciate a young character. I don’t see my son relating as well to preschool age book characters. We are reading this now, ahead of time to familiarize him with the concepts and he loves this one. I wish the baby in the book asked where his parents go potty and not just the pets. Though parents are easier to make a direct relation to, the plot does allow conversations about everyone/thing having a place where they go potty, and baby’s place is on the little potty. Since we have dogs, that may help. I’ll be reviewing every potty training book I can get my hands on in the near future as I find the ones I like best so stay tuned!Was this review helpful for you? If so, please click the "Yes" button below. If not, feel free to let me know why and I’ll do my best to improve it. 🙂 Check it out!

Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books) Hardcover – September 14, 2010 by Leslie Patricelli (Author) Review

Ok, so after sabotaging my child’s potty training by thinking that I could MAKE him sit on the little potty, my son no longer wants to get within 20 feet of a toilet. Yay for me setting us back 5 yrs! I read that I should start reintroducing the idea of potty training by speaking positively about it, reading him books, and just generally getting him excited about peeing somewhere other than his diaper. I read through reviews of many, many books for kids and decided on 3 of them. Heck, if I thought it would help I’d buy all of them! I got the books in the mail yesterday afternoon. ..and proceeded to read every one of them to my son last night! Can we say, “desperate mommy”?!?Fortunately, my son (2. 5 yrs old) loves to be read to and was thrilled to have new books. This morning I changed his diaper and put on his cloth training pants (much better, in my opinion, than disposable training pants because they give the feel of underwear, but the protection of disposable diapers!), which he happens to like wearing, and for the next hour and a half I offered the potty to my son several times. Each time he said no, I just said, “That’s ok! Maybe later!”. Each time he DID say yes, I immediately got the books out, and he asked for this book, “Potty”, each time. While he sat on his potty, I read the book to him. He did this probably 3 times over the hour and a half and I was surprised that he kept his underwear dry this entire time (and completely shocked that he actually sat on the potty!). Then, he suddenly went over to the potty, and said, “go potty!”. I think he was actually talking to his bear (that I had placed on the potty. ..another trick I read in a book), but I excitedly asked if he needed to go potty. He actually said yes, so I helped him get his undies off and he sat down and, again, chose the Potty book. We didn’t even make it through the first page before he peed! I am so glad we got this book because it has helped to positively introduce potty training back into my kiddo’s life. The book is very nice because it has simple words. In the books for children that I have read, the vast majority of them are too wordy, and seem as if they are written for much older children (4 yrs). I would assume that the typical potty-training child is around the age of 2-3, and therefore benefit from easy-to-understand, short sentences or phrases, and clear, engaging pictures. This book has all of that, plus some extra humor in there for children who understand it, and adults who appreciate it. -Read Reviews-

Very simple book that is about potty training. This is the only book of three that our son responds well too. He likes seeing where the dog goes , then cat goes, and then how the toddler decides to go on the potty, but forgets to take off his diaper. Insert toddler (mine) laughing historically. He then sees that the toddler is successful with his tinkle tinkle toot and the parents are thrilled. We reenact this as a family and then put our own stickers on my sons chart. Five starts for us! Good luck parents 🙂

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