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Posters by Maurice Sendak Hardcover – October 23, 1986 by Maurice Sendak (Author)

Tragically, this collection of Sendak’s posters (19 in all) is out of print. If you can find a complete copy that is in reasonable condition at a decent price, it is time to buy it. They will only bevome more difficult to find as time passes. Happily, this collection is beautifully colored. The posters are about 12 by 19 inches and include some of Sendak’s most-loved images. The real treasures are those that had not been published as parts of books. Maurice Sendak had an amazing, creative vision, and even his scary monsters have something affable – maybe even lovable- about them. Maybe he was trying to tell us something about judging by appearances, hmm?This is a 10 star book. Check it out!

Collected in this magnificent large-format book are Sendaks dynamic posters for plays, book fairs, Broadway shows, and other cultural events. Given Sendaks love of classical literature and the literary greats who became his lifelong influences, most enchanting of all are his posters celebrating the love of books and the joy of reading, many featuring his iconic Wild Things. Poster are suitable for framing.

Posters by Maurice Sendak Hardcover – October 23, 1986 by Maurice Sendak (Author) Review

The book is large format, and the posters are Sendak at his usual wonderfulness. Need I say more?My one quibble is that except for a short introduction there are no comments or background on when and for what purpose the posters were created. To a great extent the posters speak for themselves,and are a delight to the eye and the spirit. I only wish I could get copies for Christmas goifts to all my friends. .. -Read Reviews-

This collection of framable Sendak illustrations is wonderful. It contains many of his Library Week Posters. The paper is excellent quality and the illustrations simply the best.

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