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Portwest Men's Classic Rain Jacket

I would like to add a few more words about this $18 jacket. Lets face its material is only a little thicker than, and is reminiscent of the 8 dollar PVC ponchos we used to buy at campgrounds. BUT, BUT someone really took some time engineering it right, form its drawstring hood and waist, elastic cuffs, Flap pockets, high zipper to the neck with thick collar going up your cheeks, and generous deep hood. I really Love it and the best part is its WATERPROOF !!! It could withstand Days and Days of downpours, unlike the $150. "Big Brand" rain jacket that could only stand a couple of hours of rain before the material soaks thru. I consider this to be a GREAT BUY ! even if I have to buy a new one every two years its still a GREAT BUY !!! Check it out!

Two large hip pockets and flaps. Zip fastening with inner storm flap. Back vent for ventilation. Drawstring hood and hem. Elasticated storm cuffs. Taped seams. Size – Chest to Fit S – 36/38, M – 40/41, L – 42/44, XL – 46/48, XXL – 50/52. Please note, jacket may be slightly larger than measurements, it is designed to be worn over layers. Fabric 100% Nylon PVC Coated Fabric Weight 150gsm

Portwest Men’s Classic Rain Jacket Review

The jacket itself is ok (it is too long for my taste but some might like it. ) but the fit is way too large. I am 5’5" and 150 lbs so I ordered small size. It was still somewhat large. I like my clothes slim fit (not skin tight but not loose/baggy either). I will return it and order x-small size. It’s a hassle. I wish they had included the measurements for x-small size on the size chart, as well. Pay attention to the arm and body length in the photo I uploaded. -Read Reviews-

Nylon, ,

100% Nylon PVC coated fabric

Two large hip pockets and flaps, back vent for ventilation

Zip fastening with inner storm flap

Drawstring hood and hem, elasticated storm cuffs

Taped seams

This rain jacket has proven itself time after time for me. I’m a mail carrier for the post office, and we get clothing allowances, but they don’t equate to much considering the overpriced gear and limited vendors. I bought this for $11 shipped, and it’s saved my quite a few times. The dark blue color also looks good as a postman, and I’ll probably find a way to put a postal badge onto it. It’s a bit long and covers some of my thigh, which prevents rain from hitting your pockets where your phone and wallets are usually kept. It also covers your behind, so your butt doesn’t get wet, and I jump in and out of my mail truck a hundred times a day. Having a wet bum would be miserable in January. Overall I’m giving it 4 stars. I’m knocking off 1 star because it’s a bit tight in the shoulder area for me, I have a 44" chest, and I bought a Large. Again I’ve worn this for 8 hours a day at times, jumping in and out of the mail truck delivering packages, and what not. It’s held up, and I would order again in a heartbeat if it ever torn, but it’s built to last.

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