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Polk Audio DB651 6.5"/6.75" 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters

My 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara had a Sony MEX-BT3800U head unit that the previous owner installed. He had a custom dual sub-woofer in the back but removed it and left the wiring when I bought it in 2012. Recently the TJ has become my daily driver so I decided to upgrade the sound system. With a convertible option on the Jeep, I decided Marine Grade was called for. All 4 factory speakers are easily replaced without major surgery. I got Polk dB461’s for the front and dB651’s for the sound bar in the back. They were a direct retrofit installed in about an hour. Great sound from the Polks. Bright and clear speakers that I’m really happy with. With the loudness on, the 651’s in particular had pretty good bass but it still needed that fullness only a sub-woofer could provide. The front dB461 speakers of course, don’t have the bass of the 651 but for the frequency range it does carry, it’s still a great speaker. Make sure you get the adapter plate for the Jeep since the front speaker mounting screws are in the center. With both Polk’s I still wanted to "feel" the lows. With the wiring already in place, I considered building my own sub-woofer with a matching Polk 8 or 10" sub driver. Researching cabinets and amps, I realized loss of storage space and potential theft were significant considerations. I also don’t need to vibrate the license plate. Just fill the sound band. A compact self powered sub is all I really needed. The PWE-S8 rose to the top of the choices. As it turns out, it fits invisibly under the back seat. I’m still tuning it but so far, the TJ sound is amazing over a wide range of music. I can literally feel the low keys resonate from piano and bass guitar passages. With adjustment capability at the head unit, I am able to experiment to find the sweet spot between sub and mains. The bass source location from the Alpine is invisible to the ear. It’s all over the car. Exactly what I was looking for. A special note on installation and Alpine Tech Support in particular-Make sure your electrical connections are done right. I made my own ground connection on the rear seat bracket with a solid self tapping screw. Sanded the surface down to bare metal. The guys at Best Buy helped me properly run the red hot wire directly from the battery along the passenger side to the back. (The head unit wires run along the driver side. This separation eliminated any chance of interference and noise. ) Then we connected to the remote-on wire (blue/white) of the head unit, plugged in the RCA connections and voila. ..NOTHING! No power light. We fiddled with it for about a half hour before the BB guys determined it must be the PWE-S8. I got the exchange unit from Amazon the next day thinking it will be a plug and play swap. This one didn’t work either! that’s when I called Alpine support and they walked me through some tests with a multi-meter. The guy emphatically said it’s got to be my connection. Even though I was getting 12 volts, it dropped to 9 when the amp was under load. I know the hot was good because I saw it installed. This lead me back to the ground connection. I removed the seat bracket (2 big torx screws) and found paint on paint at the mounting point there. I sanded that down to bare metal on both surfaces, bolted it all back together and now, for real, VOILA! It worked beautifully. Self inflicted pain made a pretty straightforward installation a frustrating experience but I got it done. The Alpine PWE-S8 was the finishing touch on a great upgrade. My 2-3 hours in the Jeep in commute traffic is a lot better now. Cheers! Check it out!

Product Description Step up your vehicles audio performance with Polk Audio’s revolutionary db651’s. Cutting edge technology has allowed for an efficient speaker that has ability to accurately reproduce music like you have never heard before. A precise balance of materials including the Silk/Polymer Dome tweeter and Mica Cone woofer enable smooth roll-off and quick response at any volume. The rubber surround adds to bass response as well as increases the lifetime of the speaker under any conditions. Being marine certified, the Polk DB651’s will surprise you with its versatility and ability for use in many applications. The high-efficiency loudspeaker means less power is necessary for the same quality output. The revamped db Series delivers that perfect Polk Audio performance and durability like never before. Turn up your vehicle’s audio performance with the db651, a 6-1/2-inch coax speaker designed to drop into a variety of applications in no time at all. Advanced materials reduce component weight while offering rock solid reliability, advanced looks and ultra high performance. Borrowing technology from Polk Audio’s flagship SR Series, the db Series offers exceptional value for the price. Turn up your vehicle’s audio performance with the db651. Click to enlarge. Durable Butyl Rubber Surround won’t fall apart under the stress of extreme temperatures, sunlight or time, for years of great Polk sound. Swivel Mount Tweeter allows precise aiming of sound. db651 Features The db651 come with 6-3/4 inch adaptor rings for easy fit in VWs, Audis, BWMs and other European cars. Dynamic Balance Driver Technology for pure, distortion free sound. Polymer/Mica Composite Cones are stiff yet lightweight for big sound and little distortion. Klippel Optimized Components for consistent, distortion-free sound. Marine Certified means the db651 is built tough to withstand the harshest environments on the water. Low-mass 2-Layer Kapton Voice Coil Kapton has a high melting temperature, ensuring reliability and high power handling. Swivel Mount Tweeter allows precise aiming of sound. Wheel-inspired style combines with rugged durability in the db grille. Polk Audio’s db Series Polk Audio’s entire db line of coaxial and component speakers has been redesigned and re-engineered with superior looks and even better sound. Polk has added three new sizes to cover a broader range of vehicle applications. And they’ve done all that at prices that make high performance affordable to everyone! The db Series works well in OEM factory systems, as well as with high-powered aftermarket head units and component power amps. The db Series delivers classic Polk Audio performance and durability like never before. This is how you turn up the style. The look is about more than performance. It’s about making every detail count, from the wiring harness under the hood to the fit and finish of your loudspeaker installs. Even before you fire them up, the db Series delivers. ABS wheel-inspired grilles make a muscular statement about your entire audio system and say you’re ready to unleash some real sound. Hidden wire channels give your system a clean, professional look. Now if you’d prefer to be more subtle about your audio system (although why would you?), db makes a comfortable stealth installation and will mount easily behind factory grilles. The db Series fits. Yes, it’s just that simple. The last thing Polk wants is to sell you a great speaker that doesn’t fit. Our new multi-hole mounting pattern and shallow-depth magnet design have created our highest vehicle application ratio for easy drop-in installations in just about any car on the road (and probably some that should have been taken off the road years ago). Tweeters in the component models can be flush & surface-swivel mounted using the supplied hardware. With db, we’ve made sure you have maximum install flexibility. High Efficiency Design It means less amplifier power is needed for more audio output. Meaning better sound and more volume using less power. The bottom line is db Loudspeakers will definitely blow you and your friends away, whether they’re driven by aftermarket head units or factory installed electronics. Marine Certified Marine Certified means your db loudspeakers will perform reliably on the water as well as they do on land. So Polk attacked every db speaker with a series of punishing real world and accelerated weathering lab tests to see if they could take what some pretty nasty marine and automotive environments could dish out. Polk exposed dbs to hundreds of hours of salt fog, intense ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures from -40 degrees to 185 degrees F (-40 degrees to 85 degrees C). They performed as well after the tests as before (they didn’t look so good). No wonder Correct Craft builds Polk Audio speakers into their award-winning Nautiques ski and wakeboarding boats, and Bullet uses Polk db speakers in their marine “tower” speaker enclosures. What’s in the Box db651 Speakers (pair), Grilles, Installation Hardware, Owner’s Manual

Polk Audio DB651 6.5"/6.75" 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters Review

Excellent bang for your buck. Perfect for factory speaker upgrade if you are after an economical boost to sound quality. I hooked these up to a Kenwood KMM-BT315U and they paired well together (22W per channel). I’m ranking these 5 star for their price range, not against speakers 5x as much. Construction quality is also excellent. Being "marine" speakers, even the mounting hardware is stainless steel – that ain’t cheap. For Jeep Cherokee XJ owners – these fit front doors and rear sound bar where the factory has 5 1/4" speakers (2001 Classic). -Read Reviews-

6-1/2″ / 6-3/4″ 2-way Coaxial Speakers (Marine Certified)

Power Handling: Peak: 360 watts per pair / RMS: 120 watts per pair

Lightweight dynamic balance polymer/mica composite mineral filled cone woofer

3/4″ Liquid-Cooled Silk/Polymer composite Dome Tweeter

High Pass and Low Pass Crossover Filters / Low-mass 2-Layer 25mm Kapton Voice Coil former

I bought these for my sounds bar on a 1998 Wrangler TJ. They are a perfect fit and come with everything you need to make a quick easy installation. These speakers sound amazing and is exactly what my old jeep needed.

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