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Poison The Parish [Deluxe Edition]

After back to back disappointing albums, this is Seether’s best since Karma & Effect. They finally brought back some more of the heavy elements along with catchier songs overall. Songs like Saviours and Stoke The Fire get the energy flowing, while softer songs like Sell My Soul and Against The Wall show the lighter side of Seether at their finest. On the downside are Let Me Heal and the deluxe edition tracks; they just don’t do it for me. However, with 15 tracks (no intros or interludes), the amount of material is hard to complain about, seeing as that so many albums these days only contain 10 songs. Let’s hope that Seether continues in this heavier direction, while maintaining an ability to write exceptional melodies as well. 4. 5/5 stars! Check it out!

SEETHER returns with their seventh full-length studio album, entitled Poison the Parish. The first release via front man Shaun Morgan’s new label imprint Canine Riot Records, Poison the Parish is among the heaviest and emotionally pure efforts of the band’s illustrious career. Recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Poison the Parish marks the first album produced in its entirety by the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Shaun Morgan. Playing with a newfound ferocity and purpose, the new material gelled quickly providing Morgan’s dense, melodic grooves and brooding subject matter a gritty luster and room to breathe. Fifteen years deep into an incredibly consistent and rewarding career, Seether continues to thrive, pushing their creative boundaries while remaining true to their fiercely loyal, worldwide fan base. Poison the Parish is Seether at their very best, a gripping and self-assured affirmation of a quintessential hard rock band in peak form.

Poison The Parish [Deluxe Edition] Review

I never tire of Shaun Morgan’s lyrics. The angrier he is the better they are. While many may not have appreciated the group’s last offerings if you’re a fan of earlier material you will most likely dig this album. It’s heavy and catchy with a lot of aggression. Standout tracks: I’ll Survive, Let You Down, Sell My Soul, Emotionless, Let Me Heal and Nothing left. The whole album is great. If you’ve been waiting for angry Seether instead of kinda pissed Seether this albums for you! -Read Reviews-

A proper return to form, and a call back to the Disclaimer Era. Every song has its quirks, and resonate very, very well. The highlights are spread throughout the album, giving the entire album a listen is mandatory. Seether has returned to making the music they want to make, and if this is what we can expect, this album makes me look forward to more.

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