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Plum Organics Stage 2, Organic Baby Food, Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack, 4 ounce pouch (Pack of 18)

I’m an adult. I eat baby food. There, I said it. Afflicted with a crappy auto-immune disease that hurts my mouth (Lichen Planus) almost all food is painful to eat. So I’ve given in to sucking down various, bland nutrients as fast as I can. There is not joy in this. And some baby food is vile. Babies, it turns out, will eat the vilest of foods. This food is not vile. It tastes good, though I still try to ingest it with a quickness. All hail this organic pulp. Check it out!

Second blends (6 plus months), a stage 2 baby food line with blends of pure fruit and veggies that are perfect for exposing your little foodie to unique flavors and colors. Using only organic ingredients, the gently cooked blends are naturally preserved in a convenient, resealable pouch that’s perfect for flexible portions.

Plum Organics Stage 2, Organic Baby Food, Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack, 4 ounce pouch (Pack of 18) Review

My 22 month old daughter LOVES the Plum Fruit pouches. I always taste new food that I give to her, and I was pleasantly surprised how delicious the flavors are. Most canned/jarred food tastes to me as if it is decomposing right there in the jar! But I found these fruit flavor to be very fresh and delicious. I am concerned about what she eats, I pack her lunch for daycare everyday, she doesn’t eat any overly processed foods, she eats lots of fresh fruits and veggies, she’s never had high fructose corn syrup and I feel confident including Plum Organics Pouches as a snack a few times each week. The ONLY ingredients are the fruit and occasionally some lemon juice is added. Make note!! You get TWO boxes of SIX (12 total pouches)Concerned about China? It’s a shame that people post alarming reviewed without understanding the facts. The pouches are made in China, as are probably 90% of all packaging of of foods you and your family consume. HOWEVER, some important points:(1) The contents (the fruit puree) are made in NORTH AMERICA, from mostly North American produce, but some tropical fruits come from South America(2) The packaging is created in China and is made from 3 layers of material, including aluminum foil and the inner layer is PET (polyethylene) which has been determined safe and is BPA free. The CREATORS of the pouch are a partnership of a Japanese, an Italian and a US company. The just outsource the manufacturing to China. The machine that fuses the pouch together is made in Italy, so it’s not like the "evil" Chinese could just switch out the pouch liner for a different chemical based plastic – it wouldn’t work in the machinery. (3) The pouches are sterilized during the filling process and the Ph level is maintained below the amount at which microbes can multiply. It is true that China doesn’t always have the best food practices, but this food is NOT manufactured in China, just the pouches using non-Chinese technology and machinery. -Read Reviews-

This is a great variety pack. I try to keep everything I feed my baby as organic as possible so I like these organic food pouches. I also try to "color her plate" with many different colors of fruits and veggies for a good mix of nutrients. This variety pack contains fruits/veggies that are purple/blue, green, & yellow which I feel is a very good variety. Plus she seemed to love each flavor- didn’t spit any back at me!

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