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Plastic Ono Band

Plastic Ono Band is awesome-know that. Talk about an artist’s self expression! This is the most honest of any of the great stars’ ‘confessional’ or ‘introspective’ styles of records. It is always changing places with Walls and Bridges as my favorite JL solo record. Complete opposites from production values and all that, but Im reviewing the sound quality for the 2000 reissue (CDP 7243 5 28740 2 6-Capitol) and that particular mix. The 2000 mix is very impressive. It has depth and breadth that the other issues (ie, 2010 Signature Box, et al. ) lack. Prime example: the bells at the beginning of ‘Mother’–woah, you feel like you are SITTTING in a freaking bell tower. ‘Hold On’ sounds as equally rich. It has been remixed so that the first few notes of the vibrato guitar riff are present, as opposed to the original album’s track back in 1970, where they are missing. There is an added bottom end to the songs. That is the source of some of the depth I mentioned earlier. It sounds like some of the compression and limiting have been reduced. That change benefits us in a couple of ways. One easy example is the relationship between John’s voice and his guitar in "I Found Out" as there is a nice separation between the vocals and guitar rhythm. In the original track, the two are tied together so closely that they are both "capped. " The overall sound of the vocal is more centered, and nothing is lost nor any diminishment of the original intent. It’s even more powerful, vocally and instrumentally. They lyrics are more easily audible. Klaus’s bass thumps and Ringo’s drumming is enhanced. There is sizzle in his open high-hat style and fury in his bass drum AND symbol crashes (joke-I know it’s ‘cymbal. ‘)So, the album is great, whatever you listen to it on or through, and God is equally atomic on any medium. This mix is tops, though. Of course, the screaming in ‘Well Well Well’ is as pungent as ever. …ZP Check it out!

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Plastic Ono Band Review


I will make this short and to the point. I love this album, I won’t bore you with why and how much, I just love it. But. ..when I ordered this newly remastered vinyl version of it, there was a skip on side two, although the vinyl looked perfect. No worries I thought, I’ll just order another copy. Same issue with the second copy, a skip on side two. So this is just a warning to those buying the vinyl version, play it ASAP and check for skips, here may be an issue with this pressing. Over and out. -Read Reviews-

I have been a long fan of music in general, but every once in a while you come across greatness and rather you are or not a John Lennon fan I highly recommend this masterpiece. I rarely come across an album that moves me through every being in my mind, body, and soul. Breaking me down completely and lose myself in what some call music but I feel as art. If you are new to Amazon or new to John Lennon, shopping here and purchasing THE PLASTIC ONO BAND ALBUM will change the way you view and hear music. There has never been nor most likely ever again have something so beautiful come to pass. The surprising thing is that JOHN LENNON’S PLASTIC ONO BAND album came out over 40 years ago and yes it is remastered, but it’s been remastered perfectly and I was stand offish at first but after listening I was hooked and now it’s your turn. The track listing is as follows: TRACK 1 MOTHER TRACK 2 HOLD ON TRACK 3 I FOUND OUT TRACK 4 WORKING CLASS HERO TRACK 5 ISOLATION TRACK 6 REMEMBER TRACK 7 LOVE TRACK 8 WELL WELL WELL TRACK 9 LOOK AT ME TRACK 10 GOD TRACK 11 MY MUMMY’S DEAD. If I had to pick my favorite song it would be all the above, because when you listen to the album as a whole instead of track skipping you’ll find the true meaning of greatness.

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