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Planet Love

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Planet Love Review


Track list: 1 Original vocal mix -7:29/ 2 Freiburn & Urik vocal mix -11:29/ 3 Original radio mix -4:03/ 4 Freiburn & Urik radio mix -4:04/ 5 The Really Stereo Experience Dub -7:13/ 6 Freiburn & Urik instrumental -11:30. Oh I think we use the word Diva a little too often than we should. Hear the return of Taylor Dayne and realise that nobody else comes close to matching her stunning vocal skills! The woman just continues to astound with this brand new track following on from her hot, recent CD Naked Without You. Produced by Taylor with Producer pal Pete Lorimer, this track is blinding -a totally uplifting dancefloor anthem. The original mix is the best with the seductive, powerhouse vocals gliding over Lorimer’s strong house beats and infectious keyboards with a breakdown towards the end that takes us all the way up and leaves us screaming out the closing chorus with our hands in the air. "Uplifting" doesn’t come close to describing the feeling you get when you play this loud! The trancey, epic Freiburn & Urik mix is dark and intense -very NY. The fantastic Experience Dub goes underground with chunky beats and chopped up slices of vocals that lead to a mini breakdown and the main vocal thread before climbing back up into a fierce, dance frenzy. Oh the woman can still kick up a storm! For everyone who loved her 80’s dance hits and her 90’s remixes, the woman is back and you will not be disappointed. Easily the best thing she’s done since leaving Arista. Yes Naked was a fabulous project but this track is classic Taylor Dayne and let’s hope it leads to more . .. . -Read Reviews-

Say what you want, but Taylor remains one of the most talented singers around. Whether its this dance floor gem, or one of her more popular 90’s tracks, she remains miles ahead of todays teen queens. Self produced and sounding incredible, "Planet love" is brought to you in many formats. .but the best mix being the edited radio version which was not available on the "Flawless soundtrack". This title is almost totally deleted, I suggest you take advantage of the great "used" prices and get a copy today.

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