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Piano Music

Lovely! Bought as a gift & they use daily! Such a beautiful collection! Check it out!




Piano Music Review


As a first time parent I want to give my child every advantage I can. Studies have shown that playing music to your child helps to enhance their learning ability. I saw "Baby’s First" cd series and as they were so affordable I decided to go ahead and buy them without hearing them first. My decision has been rewarded! The cd’s are very good, and provide hours of music to stimulate my babies mind. Buy this CD today, you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your youngsters! 🙂 -Read Reviews-

This CD is proof that you shouldn’t buy a classical music CD that doesn’t say who the performers are. The piano player(s)? who recorded the Beethoven selections played them overly straight, as written, without much feeling. The Moonlight Sonata done straight is painful to listen to. On the other hand, unlike many collections of "classical music", they did a reasonable job of selecting pieces that don’t clash with each other.

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