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Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones, Black

These headphones are of excellent quality, given their extremely low price. I’m a runner and I also have started lifting weights recently. I was interested in this type of headphone because I got sick of my earbuds constantly falling out in the middle of runs. After reading some reviews, I decided that I didn’t need to throw a bunch of money at "higher-end" headphones, and the reviews of this model made it clear that if I was going to go with a cheap set, this was the one. I’ve not had any issues with these headphones. I did, however, have a few concerns coming in that I’d like to talk about in case any prospective buyer has similar worries. First, I was unsure of how comfortable they would be. The thought of having something behind my ear had me worried that I’d constantly feel it, but after a few minutes of wearing these I forgot they were there. I also wondered if I’d have issues wearing these along with my glasses. That was a non-issue in practice as well. I left my glasses on and then just put the headphones on over. I didn’t notice any difference in comfort whether I was wearing my glasses or not. At $7 I figured I’d be getting some pretty low-quality audio. Now, I’m not an audiophile (and if you are, hopefully you don’t bother with reviews of $7 headphones), but I’m satisfied with the sound of these headphones. The bass is just all right, but that’s fine by me. For listening to music during a workout, these do the job well. Finally, I was concerned that the headphones may not be durable, which is why I waited to post a review. I’ve had mine for about six months, and I’ve not had any issues yet. I don’t see any wear and tear that suggests that these are going to go out anytime soon. If you’re on the fence about going for a cheap pair of headphones, these do not feel cheap and I highly doubt you’ll regret buying them. Check it out!

Product Description Ultra-comfortable for active use, these ergonomic ear hook headphones bring fantastic quality music reproduction straight to your ears. 1 Year Limited Warranty From the Manufacturer Product Features Music to your ears Bass pipe emphasizes low tones for a clear, realistic sound Thanks to an acoustically-tuned air channel that turbo-charges the bass notes, you enjoy fantastic realism and a truly involved listening experience. Enjoy best-in-class performance and optimum sound quality Acoustically-tuned design and high-quality drivers ensure best-in-class audio performance. Made to fit you and your lifestyle 15mm speaker driver optimizes wearing comfort Small enough for optimum wearing comfort and big enough to deliver crisp, non-distorted sound, the 15 mm speaker driver is an ideal size for listening enjoyment. 3D flexible earhook ensures secure fit in all ear sizes This 3D earhook is both soft and flexible, so it stays comfortably in place when you’re active or enjoying your music on the move. Ergonomically-shaped headphone enhances user comfort This headphone is designed around the shape of your ear for extra comfort and more enjoyment during longer periods of listening. Contoured earhook increase wearing comfort and stability The earhook stays put behind your ear even when you’re on the move, keeping the earphone comfortably in place and sounding great. is the part contacting the back of your ears and keep the headphones on your ears Always ready to go A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use The ideal cable length to give you the freedom to put your audio device where you want. Stays comfortably in your ear when you are on the move Whether you are out running, cycling or taking part in any active pastime, this headphone will stays comfortably in your ear. Extremely durable construction extends product life Thanks to being designed to take the knocks of rough use and being made from strong materials, you can be sure of an extra long product life. Specifications Sound Acoustic system Open Magnet type Neodymium Voice coil Copper Diaphragm Mylar dome Frequency response 20 – 20 000 Hz Hz Impedance 16 Ohm Maximum power input 15 mW Sensitivity 100 dB Speaker diameter 15 mm Type Dynamic Connectivity Cable Connection Two-parallel, symmetric Cable length 1.2 m Connector 3.5 mm stereo Finishing of connector Chrome plated Type of cable OFC Inner Carton Gross weight 0.430 lb Height 4.3 inch Length 7.0 inch Nett weight 0.119 lb Tare weight 0.311 lb Width 3.4 inch GTIN 2 06 09585 18705 8 Number of consumer packagings 3 Outer Carton Gross weight 4.257 lb Height 9.8 inch Length 15.0 inch Nett weight 0.952 lb Tare weight 3.305 lb Width 7.7 inch GTIN 1 06 09585 18705 1 Number of consumer packagings 24 Packaging dimensions Depth 1.0 inch Gross weight 0.099 lb Height 6.7 inch Nett weight 0.040 lb Tare weight 0.060 lb Width 3.7 inch Number of products included 1 Packaging type Blister UPC 6 09585 18705 4

Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones, Black Review

These are like the only earphones that work for me, period. So glad they are still making them. The Apple ones have never worked, no matter how many different ears they claim to have tested them for, not secure from the get go and fall out the first time I breathe. With these, I can do whatever I want and they stay in place. Yes, there are other earbuds with better sound quality, no question, but sound quality is useless if they won’t stay in your ears to hear the quality. I use them all the time for jogging. They aren’t waterproof, so I do try to wipe them off afterwards. My old ones got a little rusty from moisture build-up (noticed the rust when I took off rubber ring for cleaning), so I decided to get a new pair since the old ones had done their job for quite some time. They are definitely 5-star for me since they allow me to listen to music frustration-free, something Apple couldn’t do for me and my apparently non-standard ears. -Read Reviews-

Philips Flexible Earhook Headphones SHS3200/28 Black (replaces SHS3200/37)

Bass pipe emphasizes low tones for a clear, realistic sound Enjoy best-in-class performance and optimum sound quality

15mm speaker driver optimizes wearing comfort 3D flexible earhook ensures secure fit in all ear sizes

Ergonomically-shaped headphone enhances user comfort Contoured earhook increase wearing comfort and stability

A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use Stays comfortably in your ear when you are on the move Extremely durable

I used to buy these as my preferred headphones, often in a pinch they were available at Walgreens, so I was happy to have a familiar everyday headphone pair. That was maybe 5 or 6 years ago. .. I was needing new headphones and could not decide on several pairs, so I bought these thinking I would at least have an old favorite while I tested the market options. .. ugh. ..They used to be a lot better. The ear band is not made of the same material and I find it stiff and uncomfortable in comparison. The wire is much thinner and not covered in the same material. I think maybe this is to prevent the weird "rub" sounds, I don’t know, but the cord is unacceptably thin. I thought that the ear band used to have a slight ability to rotate to adjust to different ears, and these do not seem to do that anymore. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought these used to do that. I know I should not expect amazing things for 10 dollars these days, but these are just going in my drawer with my other backup headphones and I am back looking for a new favorite. I will not be looking at these again, which is really a bummer to me, after using them for many years. At least I have kids who always seem to break theirs, so it isn’t a total waste. If you are not very active, the thin wires may not be an issue, but I feel that one snag would kill these.

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