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Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C

I took a chance on this & really glad I did, birds are really drawn to this design! Simple, attractive, inexpensive & really smartly designed; it’s both easy to fill & it comes completely apart for super easy (& thorough) cleaning. I was ready to pay a lot more for a feeder but most seemed to look either too utilitarian or had a major design flaw. BTW, if you have problems with squirrels, (I’ve tried & bought everything from diff feed to anti-squirrel baffles high and low) the best way to keep them out of any feeder: mix HABANERO TABASCO SAUCE with SUNFLOWER OIL approx 1:5 ratio. Add about a tsp to a tbs of this mixture into a five pound bag of seed & stir it in. Seed won’t rot, spicy doesn’t bother birds, and the oil is also a great nutritional supplement for them. Best of all, it will only take one or two offending squirrels before word gets around & they stop trying to get into your feeders! It only costs about $4. 00 to try, hope this helps. Check it out!

The Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Wild Bird Feeder is sure to attract many birds to your backyard. The cutting-edge design of this feeder allows the seed to dispense into the tray and stop dispensing once the tray is full. As the birds continue to dine from the circular perch, the seed is replenished into the tray so it remains consistently full. This feeder also features the Sure-Lock cap system, an innovative squirrel proof feature which ensures the lid stays put and squirrels can’t get into the seed. The Copper Panorama holds 2 lb of seed and features an eye-catching copper finish. Remember to clean your wild bird feeders every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution.

Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C Review

[*See UPDATE below*]We liked the design and bought the feeder to put it against a side-wall of the house away from the reach of squirrels [Fig. A]. It was delivered quickly in a well packed box. A removable tag contained brief instructions written in understandable English, French and Spanish, and contact phone and address. Perky-Pet is a brand of the Woodstream Corp., with offices in the US, Canada, and UK, which manufactures and guarantees this feeder made in China. 1. Based on its name, we ordered the feeder thinking it was made of copper. Alas, no matter what language Perky-Pet employs in marketing this feeder –Cooper Panorama, Panorama en cuivre, or Panorama de cobre– the name is utterly *misleading*. It is made of some kind of oxidizable steel, powder coated with a thin copper-colored finish (in some but not all areas) to delay rusting. The feeder therefore will not develop a patina with time but mere rust, particularly under the lid, where there is no cooper finish, and the perch ring, where the birds feet and claws eventually rub off the finish. 2. The base of the feeder has 8 small holes symmetrically placed along its edge. After several days of rain in our city, the holes became clogged with the smallest seeds (white millet) of a commercial songbird food. The clogging demanded daily cleaning of the holes to avoid the water in the tray reaching by capillary action the seeds in the feeder and clumping them. 3. Since a number of reviews report the metal crimp of the plastic-coated hanging wire breaking or coming loose, I added a very tight, 3-turn loop of hard wire above the crimp [Fig. B, circle] to further secure the feeder. A couple of coats of a rust reformer were applied to this loop and the crimp to prevent future oxidation. 4. The separation of the perching ring from the tray is quite suitable for the small(ish) birds of the Mid-Atlantic region [Fig. C]. So far, neither doves nor medium or larger size corvids have managed to perch and eat from the feeder despite their attempts. Also, with the feeder hanging 8 feet above ground and no nearby structures from which to jump, squirrels have been unable to reach it despite their long Machiavellian looks to the feeder while sitting erect. 5. The warranty link in the Amazon page does not provide information on the warranty: one has to visit the manufacturer’s website or write to Amazon customer service. The Woodstream Corp. offers a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy plus a 12-month limited warranty in their website birdfeeders[dot]com. The limitations of their return policy are specified, including a potential restocking fee; however, the limitations of the warranty could not be found in a search of their website and are unknown. UPDATE June 2016After 6 weeks of use, the cleaning of the draining holes at the bottom of the feeder after a significant rain has become an obligatory chore if a feed mixture containing small seeds (e.g., white millet) were used. If the cleaning is not done for more than one episode of rain, water accumulates in the tray and quickly wicks up the seed inside the feeder –especially along its vertical center axis– as shown in Fig. D. The clumping needs to be broken by hand since a simple shaking of the feeder does not dislodge it. The problem arises from the insufficient coverage of the tray by the cooper-colored lid when it rains. Though not aesthetically pleasing, a large transparent plastic saucer was mounted above the lid [Fig. E] to deal with this unwelcome chore we do not have with other feeders in use. The 3-star rating is maintained only because 2-star ratings are not available. UPDATE October 2016After 5 months of use, rust has began to appear on the steel surfaces, both those powder coated with a thin copper-colored finish (such as the outer side of the sliding lid [Figs. F1 and F2] and the round bottom tray and metal rods supporting the perch ring [Fig. F4]) and those without this coating (such as the inner side of the lid [Fig. F3]). The iron oxidation developed despite having applied one coat of a silicone surface protection spray to the outer and inner sides of the lid (the rest of the feeder was not sprayed), and regularly cleaning the feeder every 30 to 45 days. The original 3-star rating is reduced to 2 stars due to the rapid rusting. -Read Reviews-

Tray style feeding port and circular perch lets birds feed from all angles

Sure-Lock cap locks lid in place to keep squirrels out

Antique copper finish resists rust

Holds up to 2 lbs of seed

First, shipped well packed and quick. Second, it looks great, better than the photo on AZ. Third, it has some features I didn’t find on more expensive feeders, i.e. the coated cable that holds it goes through the top and then is anchored to the metal base. I had one this feeder replaced where the cable was just to a bar stuck through the sides of the plastic of the feeder. The plastic just gave out, the feeder fell and now is in the junk. Another nice feature is the little button on the beautifully polished copper top which you push and hold to lift off the top and once filled, slide the top back down securely on the plastic portion to lock it. Well made all the way. Also like that the seed passes through several ports into the perch mounted feeder tray rather than just spilling into it. I think this will really cut down the spillage. Very pleased. Oh, btw. Somebody mentioned in another feeder review that you could douse the seed with pepper and oil to deter squirrels. That’s too much bother. Just get the cheapest economy size container of cayenne pepper you can find and just liberally sprinkle it over your seed when you get it. Mix it in (maybe sneeze a couple of times) and with this stuff mixed through your seed, no more squirrels. I’ve seen a squirrel hit one of my feeders, must have got a snoot full of pepper and down he went, rubbing his head on the grass trying to relieve his ‘burn’. It doesn’t hurt the squirrel but he’s finished with your feeder (he’ll tell his friends) and it’s actually good for the birds who don’t seem to mind the pepper at all. As long as your feeders are kept well laced with cayenne, you don’t need fancy squirrel baffles.

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