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Peony in Love: A Novel Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Lisa See (Author),

After reading the book, "Snow Flower and the secret Fan" by Lisa See, I wanted to read another book in that vein. The book "Peony in Love" was a great spiritual adventure in the Japanese culture. It centers around the opera "The Peony Pavilion. " This opera has a haunting effect on young girls, who long for true love in their arranged marriages. The main female named "Peony" loves this opera and has 2 copies of it. This opera tells of a young woman who longs for a true love for her mate, but doesn’t receive the husband of her desire. She becomes a "ghost wife" in the afterlife. This story sadly come true for Peony Herself. I was amazed at the multi-faceted afterlife of the Japanese. I also believe in ancestor veneration, but to the Japanese it is a matter of a happy afterlife or one of complete loneliness and despair. A great journey into the spiritual afterlife and the quest to find true love, here on earth and the hereafter. Check it out!

Peony in Love: A Novel Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Lisa See (Author), Review

This lyrical, fanciful tale is captivating – once you let go of your expectations and flow with a story written on many levels. I started reading not knowing it was historical fiction, so when Peony dies part way into the story I was startled. How can you have a story where the main character dies early? As I say, this story was not what I was expecting. But that is good! I was happy to follow Peony in the afterlife. I was happy to be taken into the ancient Chinese imagination, to be introduced to the classical “Peony Pavilion” opera, the poetry, and the beliefs about death and ancestors. I know so little about China. It was not the way of my generation to see China as anything but red and gray. Once you look back further, thousands of years further, you cannot but be in awe of the beauty and grace of that ancient culture. “Peony in Love” is one opportunity to look back, to see across those years, but yet to connect through imagination with the yearnings and struggles of women everywhere and at all times. I was privileged recently to see the beauty of Chinese dance, and now I feel grateful to Lisa See for opening up this world for us in a book anyone can read. Enter in, let go of preconceived ideas, enjoy. This book is a marvelous creation and an inspirational love story. -Read Reviews-

I am amazed by the versatility of Lisa See. It seems like all she has to do is touch pen to paper and she begins to unravel a magnificent story. (Obviously she spends a lot of time doing research to be able to write with such clarity and understanding of her characters and the places they inhabit. )It doesn’t matter if she is writing the story of her own family in On Gold Mountain, or the three books, that make up The Red Princess Trilogy, Flower Net, The Interior and Dragon Bones, or the historical novels, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Peony in Love or finally Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy, you are taken into the lives of the characters and feel as though you are in the places they inhabit. She develops a sense of place and time as deeply as she develops her characters. I read all of these books over a two month period. I was felt as though I was living in China in several incarnations. Lisa’s writing enveloped me in every story. I was sorry when I finished the last book. I still feel like I left a familiar world and came back to the unsure world of reality. Then I saw she has a new book to be released in June!I can’t wait.

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