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Pentatonix (Deluxe Version)

If I had one wish, it’d be for my family to be provided for. If I had a second wish, it’d be for world peace. And if I had a third wish, it’d be for Pentatonix to get some damn radio play already. I am so over the moon about this latest studio album with its grip of original songs, the inevitable direction towards which this ambitious a capella group had been heading. Any PTX release must celebrate the diversity and power of the human voice, so ain’t nothing new from that front. Gratifyingly, each member of PTX had vital input in the aspects of songwriting, arranging, and producing. And since these are five individuals with wide-ranging tastes and influences, their album treats us to an organic and eclectic series of tracks, a melting pot of music genres. We readily catch whiffs of soul, dowop, funk, EDM, pop, rockapella. .. I AM a bit crushed they didn’t throw in a reggae twist. I love that Pentatonix has stayed the course with their positivity and accessibility, with how they come across as regular folks, with how kind and generous they are to their fans. Seems like PTX is about to transcend their grassroots YouTube fame, and I can’t wait for them bigger, better things to happen to them. Artistically, technically, creatively, PTX come flawless. But we’ve known this for a while now. They’re innovators in the music industry. This album delivers an avalanche of catchy choruses. The Trio’s tight harmonies and vocal acrobatics are dazzling stuff. Avi’s earthquake bass and Kevin’s complex and versatile percussive beats anchor the PTX sound and fill up the room and blow up the room. Do I have favorites? Does a bear crap in the woods? Man, I am super-obsessed with most of the tracks. And if you were to inject me with sodium pentothal and browbeat me, I would blurt out that my order of preference is as such:1) "Misbehavin’" – This is my numero uno jam!! I freakin’ love the laid-back groove of it and the old-timey dowop vibe of it. 2) "Water" – My one fierce gripe is that Kirstie isn’t showcased more. But at least she nabs lead vocals in "Water" and she absolutely kills it. 3) "Cracked" – An epic "take me to church" composition and, according to Scott Hoying, a "very angry song about breakup. " Been waiting for this one since the On My Way Home documentary, and it doesn’t disappoint. Scott belts the hell out of this one. 4) "If I Ever Fall in Love" – A classy, dramatic arrangement. Guest vocalist Jason Derulo brings to this timeless classic a haunting presence and his strong falsetto game. 5) "Rose Gold" – Love the lyrics to this one, such a soulful jam. 6) "Light in the Hallway" – Stark and somber and lovely lullaby where Avi’s voice is just butter. Love his phrasing, how he lingers on certain words. 7) "New Year’s Day" – A feel-good hymn of reaffirmation with Scott Hoying in fine form. This somehow reminds me of Carly Simon’s "Let the River Run" in its compelling percussive theatrics. 8) "First Things First" – Swag it up! Somewhere, Timbaland has got a grin. 9) "Ref" – EDM-influenced track that is sassy mcsassy and worth it alone for Avi’s booming "Ref, play it back!" Dig the dubstep wubbing. Once upon a time, I had "Cheerleader," "Where Are Ü Now," and "Can’t Sleep Love (with and without Tink)" on relentless replay. They’re on the backburner for now. Anyway, this album is ambitious in scope, and it’s astounding the number of ways and styles that Pentatonix is able to harness and morph into to deliver an assorted serving of audio drama. Now it’s a waiting game, isn’t it, to see if Pentatonix can lift up a capella to a place of mainstream acceptance. Certainly they’ve left no stone unturned. Oh, and if I had a fourth wish, it’d be for PTX to colab with Sha Na Na, that is, if those old-heads are still around. That would be truly dope. Just imagine Avi and Bowser. ..UPDATE: I finally heard "To the River," PTX’s Target-exclusive track, and it is SO smooth and catchy! Lovin’ Mitch’s silky lead vocals and, also, Avi’s bass drops and what he does in the bridge. If "To the River" were in this Deluxe edition, it’d be tied with "Misbehavin’" for first or would even be tops as my favorite. Aaargh, Target! Check it out!


Pentatonix (Deluxe Version) Review

This newest Pentatonix album is composed of mostly original songs. I have been anxiously awaiting this new album and even though I’ve only had a chance to play at one time through, it is wonderful. It seems like most of the songs highlight Scott’s singing but they do let the other members have some breakthrough moments. Avi Kaplan singing lead in "Light in the hallway" is a real treat and he really exercises his vocal range in this song. All in all I feel like for their first really original effort that it’s excellent and they bring to the party what they always bring, tight harmonies, lots of bounce and the perfect blending of those five very talented people. This is a must-have for Pentatonix for fans! -Read Reviews-

what a great album! really a quite diverse set of records, excellent production, there’s really nothing bad to say! you can definitely tell that they are developing their own sound within pop music. one of the best things about their music is that it’s good and clean music (non-explicit) that you can listen to with your family, but it’s by no means childish or boring.

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