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Passion for the Game Mass Market Paperback – May 31, 2016 by Sylvia Day (Author)

I read this book out of sequence but I fell into the story easily. Maria is a strong young woman who in that era would have been considered a ‘Vixen’ but today considered a ‘Bad Ass’Much like another character Sylvia Day writes about. Christopher, the impossibly handsome pirate, is the original alpha bad boy, of yesterday, today and tomorrow!The two of them are wanted by ‘The Agency’ and are each being blackmailed to seduced the other for incriminating information. On their own each one is cunning and dangerous and together they are simply explosive. Check it out!

From Booklist Maria, Lady Winter, has no choice but to use her celebrated beauty to find out why notorious pirate Christopher St. John has been released from prison. St. John’s only chance of escaping the hangman is to use his legendary seduction skills to melt the “Wintry Widow’s” icy facade and discover all of her secrets. Now entangled in a dangerous game of deception and desire, both Maria and Christpher are equally determined to be the one to win their battle of wits. Day engineers plenty of sexy intrigue, and the potent chemistry she cooks up between Maria and St. John is enough to singe the pages of this lushly detailed, richly sensual Regency romance. Charles, John -This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Passion for the Game Mass Market Paperback – May 31, 2016 by Sylvia Day (Author) Review

Curiosity compelled me to pick up this book – – because after reading my very first S. Day novel (Bared to you) which was nothing more than a condensed, plagarized copy of “Fifty Shades of Gray”, I vowed never to read another Sylvia Day novel again. Well, so much for “vows” to selective reading material. Needing something desperately to read, I gave Ms. Day another chance. ..and. …WOW! I wish I read this book first. I wish I never picked up “Bared to You” first, because reading that book kept me from indulging in Ms. Day’s other, better and incredible romantic fiction. This plot is so original and jump starts with a bang! Well, at least it did for me – – pulled me in, captivated and held me prisoner until the finale. Character descriptions are strong and pronounced with perfect connection. I ended up feeling like I knew these characters (Maria/Christopher), almost on a personal level. I absolutely loved these two incredibly strong, well defined well as Simon too! Whudda great supporting character Simon is. For all Christopher St. John’s strength, power and control, I loved how a wisp of a woman in the form of Lady Maria Winter, completely took Christopher by force, confusing and totally setting him off his “game”. . Her mere presence arrests and freezes him time and time again – – which in turn confuses him all the more! He unravels around her. …and Maria reacts the same way to Christopher no matter how hard she tries to circumvent such reactions. They are equals never before found. Gawd, whudda story. ..whudda ending. .(fanning m’self!)Mahvelous intrigue, blackmail, spies and kidnapping. Mahvelous interludes and delicious capitulation. This whole story was frikkin’ deliciously MAHvelous. -Read Reviews-

The concept of Maria and Christopher acting as spies on each other sounds intriguing and could be good, but in this case I didn’t like it. They were supposed to be uncovering each others’ secrets, but for most of the book when they were together they just had passionate and fighting sex, but never asked any questions. The only actions they took were to place spies in each others’ homes as domestic help. A few times, one would learn something from a domestic spy and then make incorrect assumptions about the other. Then they would get together, have sex and not say anything about it. Some of this reminded me of my pet peeve of conflict based on incorrect assumptions rather than excitement and intrigue from spying on each other. I’m having trouble explaining it, but somehow it didn’t work for me. The reasons behind their spying were the following. Christopher did smuggling and pirate activities. Sedgewick was a government agent who wanted a promotion. He found a witness against Christopher and demanded the witness’s cooperation as ransom for the safety of his family. He told Christopher to get evidence against Maria to keep the witness quiet. Maria had been married to two government agents who were killed by poison. Sedgewick believed convicting her of the crime would further his career. Maria’s stepfather Welton, kept Maria’s half sister Amelia away from Maria for many years. He threatened to sell her into slavery if Maria wouldn’t do what Welton asked. Welton told Maria she must spy on Christopher to get information that Welton could use to blackmail Christopher. Welton needed money and saw Christopher as a blackmail source. A subplot involved Maria trying to find her sister Amelia to get her away from Welton. Welton had used this threat over the years to force Maria to do a number of things including marrying her two former husbands. I did like a couple of parts. I liked Christopher’s intense lust for Maria. I also liked the story about Colin who was a gypsy stable boy. He and Amelia loved each other, but he knew they could never be together because he was a servant while she was titled. Simon, Maria’s closest friend, makes an interesting offer to Colin at the end. Colin’s story is told in the sequel “A Passion For Him. ” Simon’s story is told in the sequel “Don’t Tempt Me. “Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: six lengthy scenes. Setting: 1700s or 1800s England. Copyright: 2007. Genre: historical romance. For a listing of my reviews of other Sylvia Day books, see my 5 star review of “The Stranger I Married” posted on 1/19/07.

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