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Park Tool Bottom Bracket Tool - Hollowtech II - BBT-9

This tool, like everything I have owned from Park, works great and is well made. Unfortunately, it is good for one thing – removing Shimano style external bottom brackets. If you do this enough to justify buying the tool, then don’t skimp; buy the Park model. The black wheel located at the handle end of the tool is for removing the plastic cover at the base of the non-driveside crank arm. The product description isn’t real clear on that, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Check it out!

This is Park’s shop-quality tool for installing your Shimano 10-speed Hollowtech II bottom bracket cups. It’s long enough to give you adequate leverage for installing the cups with the force you need. The precisely shaped metal teeth of the BBT-9 won’t damage the teeth on your BB cups provided you use it with care. The small end of the BBT-9 has what looks like a plastic wheel on it. This is actually, the splined plastic tool that you’ll need for the spindle bolt to preload the bearings on your Hollowtech crankset. Otherwise, the Park Tool BBT-9 is compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II, FSA Mega Exo, SRAM GXP, and most other external bearing bottom bracket cups.

Park Tool Bottom Bracket Tool – Hollowtech II – BBT-9 Review

If your bike uses the Shimano Hollowtech II external bottom bracket system (that was begun in about 2003) then this is the tool you will need to service it. This is particularly true for many road and mountain bikes equipped with Shimano components (Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105, XTR, XT, SLX, etc. …) that utilize the Hollowtech II system from about 2003 to 2009 if memory serves. When you need to clean the bottom bracket, adjust the cups or replace bearings, this is the tool you need. The full circumference of the tool attaches to the 16 splines of the cups and allows easy adjustment (and great torque when needed). The other end of the tool has the hard plastic bit needed to tighten the crank arm adjustment cap. Works very well and will not scratch high end bottom bracket cups. It can also be used with many other brands of cups including Campagnolo, SRAM, Race Face and Chris King. I have two mountain bikes which utilize the Hollowtech II external bottom bracket system and use this wrench quite often. This tool is also genuinely made in the USA for a reasonable price. Five stars across the board. -Read Reviews-

The bbt-9 is used to remove and install shimano hollowtech

One end of the BBT-9 securely engages the 16 notches of the bottom bracket cups

BBT-9 works with many external bearing crankset bottom brackets, including: Shimano Hollowtech II,Campagnolo Ulta-Torque and Power Torque

The BBT-9 works with many external bearing crankset bottom brackets, including: Race Face, FSA, SRAM, Truvativ, Chris King

I purchased this specific tool to remove the Shimano center lock rings when I swap out wheel sets but want to keep the rotors. I have not used it on bottom brackets yet, but for replacing center lock rotors, this works great!

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