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Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer Folding Drying Machine with Heater

This item is an interesting concept and although it does work it doesn’t work well enough. Pro’s1. Compact design, this item will fit in the corner of the room but bear in mind its about 5 foot tall when working. 2. Nice and easy to setup, took me all of 5 mins to open box and setup3. Quiet. The machine is very quiet and you could easily use this in an upstairs apartment without annoying those below you. Con’s1. It literally takes hours to dry a small load. I hung (on plastic hangers) 1 pair of Pj bottoms, 2 tops and some underwear and this machine took over 2 hours to dry it. Bear in mind that I use a Panda washer/spinner (that I absolutely love!) so the clothes were well spun before being dried. I hate to think how long a larger load would take to dry? So this does make me wonder how much the 900 watt electric motor is going to effect my power bill. 2. Lack of space. As I stated above I only hung about 6 items and the rack of clothes were all banging into each other. 3. Pj’ trousers etc are to big for this item. You will end up with the bottom of the legs sitting on the bottom of the canopy. While this isn’t to much of a problem you do need to be careful they are not touching the heating element at the bottom center of the canopy. I do worry about the potential fire risk?4. My canopy was not stitched correctly and one side of the top part of the canopy is joined together awkwardly. This results in the canopy leaning to one side when inflated and I am presuming increasing drying time. EDIT: After contacting the seller directly First&Best Inc about the canopy problem they immediately dispatched a replacement canopy free of charge. I have since used this device with the correct canopy and can now confirm that it does indeed dry a small to medium load in approx 120 mins. I would like to take this opportunity to thank First&Best Inc for excellent customer service! Check it out!

This portable ventless Folding clothes dryer safely but gently dries your clothes using a warm air motor that evens out creases and leaves your garments feeling fresh, clean and soft. This dryer with high performance makes ironing easier minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on your clothes. It is gentle, energy efficient, quiet. Easy to assemble and use: just simply hang the clothes inside and set the timer dial, and let gentle warm air waves do the rest. It holds up to 22lbs of clothing and is easily packed away for compact storage. There just isn’t a more convenient way to enjoy dry clothes when you need them. Model: PAN82PD Box Size: 21 * 11 * 9 inch Net Weight: 8.5lbs Rated Voltage: 110-120V Rated Frequency: 60Hz Rated Power: 900W Rated Maximum clothes to be dried: 22lbs Maximum Drying Time: 180 Minutes 1 year manufacture warranty Package Content: Folding Clothes Rack X1 Upper Support Pole X1 Support Pole Connector X1 Lower Support Pole X1 Waterproof Protection Plate X1 Heater X1 Heat Insulated Tube Cover X1 Dryer Legs X3*The clips on the main picture are not included in the package

Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer Folding Drying Machine with Heater Review

I love this thing! I’m disabled and live in an apartment, so getting out to do laundry is a problem. I was finally able to get an a portable, apartment washer, but having items dry on racks was taking too long and using too much space. I saw this item and decided to give it a try, since it is ‘ventless’. What a Godsend!I remove items from the washer, shake them out, place them on hangers, then hang them inside of this dryer and set the timer. Although ventless, it doesn’t heat up my place (I can’t tolerate heat!). It’s absolutely silent, safe and when it’s done, I simply remove the items from the dryer and place them directly into the closet–on the same hangers! No folding, bagging, ironing, etc. This has made my life SO MUCH EASIER! Between this and the Haier washing machine (also highly recommended), I’m in laundry heaven. -Read Reviews-

Panda is Top Brand in Washing Machine /Dryer Category

Provides various choices for your need with excellent quality and customer service

PAN82PD is 2016 new model

Easy to assemble and disassemble. No Vent or special outlet needed

120V outlet, plug anywhere you like. Energy saver.Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, Travel. Space Saver.

I put six shirts in there, after 2 hours they are only damp on the arms area of the T-Shirts. I guess another 2 hours would get the rest of the T-Shirts. If you live in a RV like I do full time, it will fight against your A/C unit. My A/C unit on a 80 degree F. day it was constantly on while trying to dry the clothes. So, if your RV full time, run this at night or on a cool day at best is what I recommend. I know you might say use a hanger outside for clothes, but at some of these really expensive RV parks they will not let you do that and will kick you out if you disobey their rules against clothes hangers outside!I have a Keystone Cougar 33ft. RV Travel Trailer, and this does heat up my RV and the A/C has a really hard time trying to keep it somewhat not warm! I’m sweating right now after running this dryer for 2 hours with the A/C running!

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