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Panasonic PV-DV101 Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

I used to have a SONY Hi-8 (TRV 87). I think that produced far crisper images than this, supposedly "digital" PV-DV 101 from Panasonic. The picture quality here is unexpectedly grainy. Low light recording is awful, even with their low light setting turned on. Once the 20X optical zoom is at its max, digital zoom doesn’t kick in automatically. You actually have to hit a digital zoom button to get it on. This can cause an awful interruption in your recording. Also, this camcorder doesn’t come with an electric adapter (it is optional and you have to buy it separately). Thumbs down on my behalf. [The still photo shot was impressive, though!] Check it out!

Panasonic’s PV-DV101 is a great place to start if you want to dip your toes into the digital video river. The camcorder includes a 20x optical zoom lens with digital image stabilization. The stabilizer works for both playback and recording, so if you decide to save your batteries when you’re recording, you have the option of applying stabilization to your footage at a later date. To help you shoot good footage, the PV-DV101 features a five-mode program AE. Simply put, the program AE sets the white balance, shutter speed, and other camera functions for a variety of possible shooting conditions. So, if you set it to sports, all the settings will be adjusted to shoot action footage correctly. In addition to the shooting modes, there are a number of digital effects, including sepia and monotone, which can add a little spice to your movies. There’s also a digital still mode that record onto the MiniDV tape.




Panasonic PV-DV101 Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review


Like most purchasers of camcorders, I had my first child last August. Thus, I decided to buy a camcorder to take hours of video that I will never watch again. On the other hand, if I didn’t buy a camcorder, I would be a horrible parent, right?Anyways, I did a fair amount of research online and in print (Consumers Reports). I finally decided to purchase the Panasonic PVDV201, based on the recommendations of several electronics salespeople. However, I spent quite a bit of time testing this camcorder. The PVDV101 is not a worthy alternative as a camcorder for several reasons. First, the PV-DV101 is a MiniDV format digital camcorder. The Digital8 camcorders (generally sold by Sony) are a little cheaper for the tapes. On the other hand, the camcorders are a bit larger and a fair bit heavier. If you have old 8mm tapes you want to replay on a camcorder, Digital8 is probably the format for you. This was my first camcorder, so I went with the MiniDV format because of the weight difference, and also because the picture quality seemed a bit better. One caveat about all of the PV-DV models: The digital zoom requires you to press a separate button, which is a bit awkward. That being said, it is rare (in my experience) that you will need zoom power in excess of 18X, which the 101 provides. The digital zoom is a bit of a marketing ploy. (By the way, the PVDV201 provides 20X optical zoom, a bit better)If you have previously fallen for the Sony marketing blitz, and think that only Sony can make good consumer electronics, just shop the prices, and you will see Sony is. ..more for comparable features. The picture quality on this model is not as good as others, like the PVDV201. I found this camcorder to okay in quality, but for slightly more money, the PVDV201 is a much better alternative. A few additional concerns: (1) the digital still photos are okay for e-mails, nothing more; and (2) the picture quality is not as good as other similarly priced models. -Read Reviews-

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MiniDV camcorder

20x optical, 440x digital, zoom with digital image stabilization

2.5-inch color LCD monitor

Records still images onto tape

Uses the included lithium-ion battery

This is good video camera however it desperately needs more features. This is the perfect camera for a person who doesn’t like special features. Despite the flaws, it is a great machine for the price!

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