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I have one I got used in 2003/4 or so, and the battery still lasts for 1. 5 weeks or so. It does what I need it to do. This was for my son because getting a smart phone for him now is foolish, and I do not expect newer stripped-down planners for kids to be nearly as good as this thing. Definitely only get one with a charger. On our first attempt, we did not, and we got something that could not even display the screen correctly after multiple days of charging. The second one, we did get one with a charger, and it can keep a charge for about a day. We are trying to stretch the battery out, but I am not sure how well that will work. One day is useable. The previous owner probably charged it every night, which is not good for battery life. The PalmV is great for appointments, lists (like grocery lists), and todo lists. If that is all you need, it is hard to find a better tool. Don’t expect to connect it to your laptop/computer unless you (still) have a serial port. Check it out!

Product description PalmOne Vx Handheld At only 4.7 by 3.2 inches square and 0.4 inches thick, the Palm Vx handheld is truly pocket sized; however, this model sports a hefty 8 MB of RAM. The Palm Vx handheld also sports a sleek exterior that looks supercool–an intangible value to be sure, but one that’s hard to argue with. The Palm Vx handheld offers the same improvements to its screen that were made to the Palm IIIx. These updates since the Palm III handheld include a far sharper screen and contrast-variable backlighting, which makes the Palm Vx handheld much easier to use in low-light conditions. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which charge while the unit sits in its HotSync cradle, make battery life a nonissue. You can synchronize Palm handhelds with your computer so that you can carry all your appointments, notes, contacts, and e-mail with you. The simple one-touch interface makes sense to new and seasoned computer users alike. For owners that prefer Microsoft Outlook to keep tabs on folks for business and pleasure, rest easy. With the simple installation procedure, and Outlook support out of the box, you can transfer the data you have in Outlook, or start fresh with the Palm Desktop software. In addition, there are thousands of applications for the Palm operating system available on the Internet that make your Palm handheld work as everything from a universal remote to a digital book and restaurant guide. We had no trouble setting up the device, synching with our PC-based Netscape e-mail, using the Graffiti character-recognition software, or working with the address book, date book, memo writer, to-do list, and all the other applications that put the Palm OS on the map. All in all, this is a great upgrade to an already strong product. If this is your first Palm, it’s a great way to start. Pros: Palm OS interface is simple to use Easy to install and set up Uses rechargeable batteries Sleek, solid design can take some punishment Cons: Not expandable (has a closed case) Case cover opens too easily




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I’ve owned a few palm pilots over the past several years. I switched to the Palm Vx because my Palm III gave out after months of abuse riding in my back pocket. The Vx is solidly built, very reliable and never needs batteries. I use mine heavily and sometimes forget to recharge it in the cradle. I’ve found that the battery lasts about three weeks with heavy use as long as you don’t use the backlight. I now use my Palm Vx with my laptop running Windows 2000 and synchronize my data using the infrared port. The cradle is just a charge stand for me! If you’re nervous about buying this product. .. relax! I teach computer skills to executives in the Chicago area. The learning curve for Palm devices is about 20 minutes. There is a shorthand called "graffiti" that you will need to learn to write in your information, but you can also use your computer or a separately available keyboard to enter in your data. Newer and more powerful palm devices have been introduced since I bought mine, but the Vx is an excellent value now that the price has dropped. And it’s still the smallest! If you’re looking for a PDA to handle your personal and business information and do not need to display color photos, videos or play MP3s, the Palm Vx is perfect. -Read Reviews-

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Other reviewers will be able to do a better job than me in discussing the full extent of the Palm Vx’s capabilities, but I can give it a ringing endorsement from the technically competent layman. I’m not someone who gets all excited about the latest electronic gadget – the only thing I care about is whether it is truly useful in organizing my life. The Palm Vx has definitely passed that test. I found it incredibly easy to install and get started with, and I was quickly addicted to being able to download Outlook with the punch of a button. Among other things, my Palm has made my cell phone a more useful tool because I now always have hundreds of phone numbers with me at all times. One of the advantages of the Palm Vx over other handhelds is that it is so light and easy to carry. I know lots of people who got Handsprings lured by the promose of all the fancy attachments. To a man they regret it – they don’t use the attachments and it’s significantly more difficult to carry. Still, the Palm Vx wouldn’t be worth it if it was just a very expensive address book. I suggest buying "Palm Pilot: The Ultimate Guide" to find out how to really get the most out of your Palm V. It’s an essential supplement to the basic information that comes with the Palm, and it comes with a handy CD with great programs. I’ve used my Palm Vx for about 8 months and find it more useful all the time. However, I recently put the Palm Vx through the ultimate challenge: I gave my 61 year-old and technicially challenged Dad one for Christmas. Within in hours he was hooked up and writing graffitti like a pro. He’s had it for a couple of months, and like me he swears by it.

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