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Original Album Classics

I have a few of these sets by other artists. I had to have this one since I love the New Kids. You get their first 5 albums in cardboard sleeves, no booklets or lyrics. Finally, their debut album is available on cd again. I had 2 used copies I bought online, because it was out of print. Happy to have a new one. Check it out!

THE BEST ALBUMS FROM SOME OF THE MOST LEGENDARY ARTISTS IN MUSIC HISTORY.5 classic CDs in one Bundle! Features titles from all genres, including country, pop, blues and rock and includes superstar artists such as Johnny Cash, Journey, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Celine Dion and more! All albums held in 5×5 minjackets featuring reproductions of original album art.

Original Album Classics Review

Oh oh oh oh oh- the right stuff! Reminiscing, these albums bring me right back to elementary school when I actually thought I was going to marry a New Kid! Must buy for those who no longer own their cassette players! -Read Reviews-

This is a great compilation of New Kids music. You can’t beat the price. It does not contain the CD inserts. Just the discs.

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