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Pretty remarkable. As melodic as many of its like-minded contemporaries were musically angular- -ironic, considering the Kraftwerk reference of the title- -this second album by OMD transcends its immediate predecessor and most of its contemporaries by miles. It’s mostly rather pretty, but its prettiness is undermined by a pervasive melancholy. Even the single, ‘Enola Gay’, is in wry memoriam of the atomic bomb-dropping airplane of World War II. Other tracks barely rise to the energy-level of the single, but this is not a bad thing. ‘Second Thought’, ‘Statues’, and especially ‘Stanlow’ (dedicated as it is to the power plant where the father of singer Andy McCluskey worked) achieve a stateliness that few of the band’s contemporaries could even approach. Only the downer version of ‘The More I See You’ seems out of place, but it’s redeemed by its ironic stance. The bonus tracks include ‘Annex’ (the B-side to ‘Enola Gay’) and the post-Factory version of ‘Electricity’, as well as the four tracks from a 7-inch EP included with early copies of the LP (I think it was released with a brown background rather than black), consisting of very early live and experimental tapes. Pretty handsome. Check it out!




Organisation Review


I bought their first 2 albums together, and wow, what a step up this one is from just earlier in 1980! Organisation is a one-of-a-kind OMD album, the only one that is so dark in certain spots. 2nd Thought, Statues, The Misunderstanding, The More I See You. Then there’s VCL XI, Promise, and Stanlow, the 3 best songs OMD churned out before Architecture and Morality. Nothing like this little album, only a preview of what was soon to come. -Read Reviews-

OMD took the Kraftwerk pop-leanings and turned it into gold. Organization and Architecture and Morality mark the turn away from snyth-noodling into alt-pop fum.

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