Buy “Organic Green Tea Leaves from Himalayas (50 Cups), 100% Natural Detox, Weight Loss & Slimming Tea, Powerful Natural Anti-Oxidants, 2017 Garden Fresh Harvest, 3.53oz Grocery & Gourmet Food” Online

Organic Green Tea Leaves from Himalayas (50 Cups),100% Natural Detox, Weight Loss & Slimming Tea, Powerful Natural Anti-Oxidants, 2017 Garden Fresh Harvest, 3.53oz

Going to keep this short and simple. The tea tastes amazing, you have a good amount, and it keeps me healthy. ProsAffordableOrganicWhen opening the bag, it is filled to the top. Tasty!Keeps me healthy and acne free!ConsNot being offered an endless supply Check it out!

100% PURE UNBLENDED ORGANIC GREEN TEA – Grown, Packed & Shipped, Garden Fresh, Direct from Source in IndiaORGANIC GREEN TEA FROM THE FOOTHILLS OF THE MIGHTY HIMALAYAS  Handpicked by tea pluckers at an average altitude of 1800 metres above sea level at certified organic tea estates facing the majestic peaks of the Himalayan mountains, this exotic green tea is the perfect way to kick start a healthy lifestyle and is popularly considered as the elixir of life which promotes health, longevity and wellness.  GROWN IN THE HIMALAYAS – WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS TEA GROWING REGION GREEN TEAS grown admist the Himalayn mountains are only produced with the orthodox method of manufacturing. Such minimally processed teas contain the highest amount of natural anti-oxidants & flavanoids apart from over 100+ Health Benefits.  Unlike green tea bags, green tea k cups, green tea powder, LOOSE LEAF GREEN TEA retains all the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants naturally found in Himalayan Green Teas due to the high quality of the soil in this region and the ideal climate.  DRINK 5 CUPS OF THIS GREEN TEA EVERY DAY – For Best Results & a Transformed Lifestyle   100% PURE ORGANIC GREEN TEA LEAVESHIMALAYAS NATURAL GIFT TO THE WORLD – Loose Leaf Green Tea Harvested by Passionate Tea Workers just before Sunrise facing the Mount Everest at the Foothills of Mighty Himalayas. The finest Loose Leaf Tea selection. ENRICHED FLORAL AROMA & DELICIOUS TASTE – Unique floral taste with an Exquisite Aroma & Sweet Aftertaste. Unlike Green tea bulk, Green Tea pomegranate & Green Tea pear, this is is a 100% naturally flavoured loose Green TeaETHICAL, DIRECT & FAIR-TRADE, TRULYUnlike your everyday cuppa. Vahdam teas do not travel in containers for months before being packaged and sold. All our teas are procured direct from plantations & tea growers within 24-72 hours of production, packaged garden fresh and shipped directly from source in India. By eliminating all middlemen we are not only able to make available garden fresh high quality teas but are also able to retain all earnings in the region where these divine teas are grown & nurtured by millions of growers with immense love, care and passion. A process which ultimately helps every farmer get a better price for their produce. Sit back and relish the satisfaction of patronising a truly ethical, fair-trade tea. Tea served fresh can transform your cuppa. And Indian Tea served unblended can resurrect an ailing industry and redress millions of lives.WHY CHOOSE VAHDAM TEAS?All VAHDAM teas are sourced direct from over 150+ tea plantations in India & Nepal within 24-72 hours of production. VAHDAM has been established by a 4th generation tea entrepreneur with a heritage of 80 years in this industry. It's vision is to create the world's first VERTICALLY INTEGRTED global tea brand & disrupt the 200 year old supply chain of tea. VAHDAM teas have been shipped to 75+ countries across the globe and we are just beginning now. 

Organic Green Tea Leaves from Himalayas (50 Cups),100% Natural Detox, Weight Loss & Slimming Tea, Powerful Natural Anti-Oxidants, 2017 Garden Fresh Harvest, 3.53oz Review

I agree with the previous reviewer in that this tea smells like lawn clippings. The taste is "okay" and better than expected, but it really is a very light green tea and has little flavor. I think the key is to use a small mug of water with your infuser, otherwise there is practically no taste. -Read Reviews-

I ordered Vahdam green tea leaves for the health benefits, but the quality is so good that I actually enjoy drinking it. I’ve been preparing a cold brew, and consuming about 24 ounces a day. Strained and served over ice, it’s very refreshing. It’s difficult to find whole tea leaves where I live, and I was grateful to find Vahdam on Amazon. If you like tea, or want the cancer-fighting benefits, order this brand. I think you’ll like it!

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