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Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Medical First Aid IFAK Blowout Pouch (Bag Only)

ORCA vs CONDOR: EMT Rip-Away PouchORCA (Black) / CONDOR (Red)First, let me state that I am not an expert in emergency medicine. I have taken CLS (Combat Life Saver) a few times before deploying and was a CNA nearly two decades ago. However, I feel a moral obligation to tend to someone in an emergency. I have two trauma kits (depending on what bag I bring with me), so I have one kit with me at all times. One is an ORCA and one is a CONDOR. They are very similar and very good pouches. Within my pouches, I keep:SECTION 1:–Chest seal (2 pack)–Trauma (bleeding) pack–6 2×2, 2 3×3, 2 4×4, 1 5×9 Abdominal sterile gauze pads–3 2-gram CELOX powder packs–6 pack of nasopharyngeal airways (all sizes) with lube–CPR mask–3 sets of nitrile gloves–Medical sheersSECTION 2:–CAT tourniquet–SWAT-T tourniquet–Israeli bandage or bandages–4 sterile stretch gauze–Extra CPR maskSECTION 3:–BooBoo Kit (ice pack, bandages, burn gel, antiseptic, alcohol wipes, antibiotic creams)What I like about ORCA vs. CONDORORCA:–Stitching seems better–The elastic is more elastic–ORCA has square corners, so slightly more stuff fits better than CONDOR–ORCA comes with first aid patch and mesh bag–Several dollars cheaper than CONDORWhat I like about CONDOR vs. ORCA–Material is a little better quality. So if you plan on opening/closing/taking stuff out all the time, I think the fabric may hold up longer in the CONDOR. But for its intended use as a trauma kit, both bags are perfect. –Offered in RedOverall, for its intended use, I give the edge to the ORCA for value and overall being a better product, but they are both quality bags and both deserve a 5-Star in my opinion. Check it out!

DIMENSIONS: 8 X 6 X 3 inches DESCRIPTION The Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip Away First Aid Medical Pouch is a roomy, organized MOLLE compatible medical pouch that is designed for rapid removal. MOLLE integration allows for customization and the ability to attach to other MOLLE gear such as a backpack or tactical vest. However, this medical bag is attached to a large Velcro panel and geared with a strong pull handle for rapid removal in case of an emergency. It also contains a large outside strap with buckle that cinches down to compress the pouch even further. Equipped with 3 roomy compartments, each contains multiple, spacious pockets and strong elastic loops for supplies and medical instruments. The top compartment features a Velcro strap to secure large items. The fold out zippered mesh compartment can be used to store small supplies such as band-aids and alcohol wipes. This first aid pouch also contains D rings as additional attachment points and a 2 inch Velcro patch area across the front for your first aid or Morale patch INCLUDES: First Aid Patch Extra mesh bag for small or additional supplies

Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Medical First Aid IFAK Blowout Pouch (Bag Only) Review

PROS:(1) I love the break-away option. It allows you to rip it off without unlatching it. It does have a strap to keep in on in the event of a strong enough (or intentional) tearing of it off your gear, but I’m not putting diamonds into it, so I don’t need super-security. *note: this can just stick on any ole Velcro too, in case you don’t even want to mount it on a MOLLE platform. The bag has the hooks, and the fuzzy side is on the MOLLE-mountable pad. (2) Good zipper, good sewing/stitching, thick and light fabric (feels sturdy: both the bag and the MOLLE straps), and love the "red cross" patch as an easy observational indicator. (3) Price. I paid nineteen dollars which was only three dollars more than the cheaper ones without the patch and break-away feature. (4) The molle on the front: some other ones only MOUNTED on Molle, they didn’t have molle straps on front too. (5) I love the internal straps. They are all lightweight and thin, so if I don’t use them for anything, they don’t take up lots of room. CONS:I haven’t found any yet. I’ll update when after using it for a while. *note: the bag looks a little scrunched here because I have my phone case hooked through 2 straps, instead of one. It would look fuller and flatter if not for my wanting to cinch it tight. -Read Reviews-

DIMENSIONS: 8 X 6 X 3.5 inches (H x W x D) Tri-fold design that provides fast access to first aid supplies

RAPID REMOVAL: Rip Away velcro panel feature and a wide handle for rapid removal makes it a snap to render first aid quickly

ORGANIZED. Spacious compartments which include several pockets, strong elastic loops and instrument holders, a Velcro safety strap, and zippered mesh compartment for small first aid supplies.

STRENGTH: Features dual YKK zippers and Copper snaps on the MOLLE straps to keep your rip away medic pouch securely attached

INCLUDES: First Aid Patch, a mesh drawstring bag for extra small supplies, 2 inch velcro panel on the front and D-rings for additional attachment points

The FAK arrived a day earlier than anticipated, which was great because I had a camping trip coming up and I REALLY wanted to have my IFAK together in time for the trip. LUCKILY, the only things I needed to retrieve from the IFAK on my trip were some rubbing alcohol (3. 4oz bottle) to clean out a small cut on my finger, and my fold-up toothbrush that i keep in the black, mesh bag that’s included in the kit. On that note: the mesh bag isn’t attached to the kit when you get it, but there are loops inside the kit that you can easily attach the drawstring on the mesh bag to and I HIGHLY recommend doing this (unless you want that bag falling on the ground whenever you open the kit). I picked up the "multicam" pattern, which is more of a "forest" camo pattern than it is "multicam" and that’s a bit disappointing, as I wanted to attach this IFAK to my plate carrier, but they don’t match, and it kinda defeats the purpose of purchasing a "multicam" piece of kit if it doesn’t match the rest of your camouflage. That being said, I just attached the IFAK to my EDC bag instead, and it works fine with the other mismatched pieces of kit that I’ve got attached to the bag. It’s got more storage than you’ll know what to do with, and that’s something that I’m very pleased with; when it comes to first-aid, I don’t want to have to pick and choose between items that I feel are necessary, simply because there isn’t enough room in the container, and that’s not a problem at all with the Orca Tactical MOLLE rip-away EMT kit. While we’re on the subject, the "rip-away" feature was the main reason I purchased this particular kit over any other and, so far, I’m pleased to say that the hook and loop on this FAK works great and keeps everything nice and secure! The retention straps work great too, except the elastic on the buckle strap is really loose and doesn’t keep the extra webbing snug very well. It wasn’t a big deal though, and i just wrapped a rubber band around the elastic a few times to add some extra grip to it, and that fixed it right up! Some of the stitching was a little sloppily cut, but I singed the ends with a lighter and that took care of that issue in about 5 seconds. All in all, I’d highly recommend picking up this piece of gear if you’re looking to stuff a bunch of supplies into your IFAK and camo-matching isn’t a big deal for you. IF you need this to be a perfect to your multicam plate carrier, I’d say that you might want to spend the extra $10 or so and get something else from Condor or something like that. However, I’ll say again that, if camo-matching ISN’T a huge deal for you, I really don’t think you’ll find a better kit out there for the price that you’ll pay for this one.

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