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OPI Nail Polish Remover, 4 fl. oz.

I just stopped having professional nail service and am currently taking care of my manicures at home. I have been a user of OPI products for some time and am greatly satisfied with the quality and reputation of their products. This nail polish remover is very good . .. a small amount on your cotton pad with remove all your polish is just seconds and you then ready to start your fresh manicure. I bought this product along with OPI’s nail strengthener, another excellent product which actually works! Check it out!

Product Description Opi expert touch lacquer remover is more effective than traditional polish removers, because it is strong enough to fully remove even the darkest shades without staining than nail or skin. Leaves cuticles soft and supple and has a fragrant, fruity aroma. Brand Story Perfect Nails, Made Easy with OPI Nail Treatments. OPI offers a complete range of professional caliber nail care products used and endorsed by salons worldwide

OPI Nail Polish Remover, 4 fl. oz. Review

Mixed feelings about this Opi Lacquer Remover. Pros:Polish comes off very easilyNo extra motions needed if you are removing regular nail polish. I have not tried gel polish. I only need to use a small amount on each nail. Bottle contains enough remover to last a long time. Cons:Left my nails feeling very dry, not as advertised. Acetone odor very high. I had used a non acetone polish remover,and it worked very well. However,I’m have not been able to find that brand. I will continue using this brand of lacquer remover until the bottle is emptied. Recommended. prisrob 04-18-15 -Read Reviews-

I have never used a polish remover that compares anywhere close to this! I had 5 coats of polish on my nails and all 10 nails were completely clean in less than one minute, with no residue or stains. No mess, either. It just gets rid of all traces of polish in seconds flat. Definitely buying more of this!!

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