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OPI Nail Drip, Dry, 0.3 fl. oz.

I love this stuff. I debated trying the drip dry for a long time but now that I have I’m never looking back. For someone who does their nails before bed like I do this is a MUST HAVE. Within 5 minutes I am ready for bed and wake up with NO sheet marks. It’s amazing!! I use a base coat, at least 2 coats of polish, polish on top for nail art and a thick gel-like top coat. I do more than the recommended 1-2 drops to make sure my nails are totally covered but it works like a charm every time! I recommend waiting the 5ish minutes to let the nails set before applying the drops. Then another 5-10 min. after just to be safe with thicker polish. After that wash your hands b/c you will get some slipping are still somehow kinda sticky? residue if the drops run off the nail and onto your hand and you’re good to go. You will fall in love! Check it out!

Product Description New collection comes with an exclusive ProWide Laquer brush. Polish spreads quick, even, and leaves itself streak free. The brush also has stacked bristles which apply more polish than regularly spaced bristles. OPI polishes are designed with quality and excellence in mind, and almost exclusively sold only to nail professionals. Brand Story Perfect Nails, Made Easy with OPI Nail Treatments. OPI offers a complete range of professional caliber nail care products used and endorsed by salons worldwide

OPI Nail Drip, Dry, 0.3 fl. oz. Review

I use that dryer every time, feels like an oil, result is perfect after applying polish and top coat. .. but it seems that nothing could not be changed even without it. .. -Read Reviews-

I HATE waiting for my polish to dry, but this cuts down the drying time and reduces the number of "dings" in fresh polish. I still wait 10 minutes, to let all of the layers of polish dry completely, but Drip Dry forms a protective coat on top, preserving the smooth finish, in less than a minute. I use this in conjunction with CND Stickey Base Coat and CND Glossy Top Coat.

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