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OPI Brilliance Grit Long Buffer Block

a professional nail friend of mine recommended this to me when I told her I wanted a nice finish/shine to my nails w/o applying clear polish. My nails looks "finished" and healthy, plus it smoothed out the ridges. I just need to take the time to use it! Check it out!

Product Description Preferred by professionals, brilliance buffer block outperforms and outlasts all other professional polishing files. Quickly and effortlessly brings artificial and natural nails to a high-gloss shine. Brand Story Professionals’ Choice!  OPI has all your filing needs covered with a unique OPI Professional File collection that offers a disposable file.

OPI Brilliance Grit Long Buffer Block Review

I’ve been using these for years, great way to touch up nails and add shine to natural nails in between manicures. -Read Reviews-


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