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One Morning in Maine Audible – Unabridged Robert McCloskey (Author),

As a first grade teacher, I sometimes read this book as a follow-up to Blueberries for Sal. It’s a bit long, but gives a great picture of summers at a cabin in Maine, and the joys of losing a first tooth. Recently I had the chance to visit Maine for some hiking, and I purchased the book to show to my young grandkids what I’d be experiencing. I was thrilled to actually watch the gulls dropping clams on the rocky beach just as the book portrays, and was excited to reread this to the kids when I returned. I hope children today can have the carefree simple vacation that Sal and her family enjoyed! Check it out!

One Morning in Maine Audible – Unabridged Robert McCloskey (Author), Review

I read these stories in my youth and took the up for my children as well, My seven and six year old son and daughter, love these stories. McCloskey was an award winning writer of many other fine children’s books: Make way for Ducklings, Blueberries for Sal, Homer Price, Centerburg Tales and Time of Wonder. Check them out with your little ones. They are worth it. I was glad to still see these in print and available. -Read Reviews-

There is no better children’s book author than Robert McCloskey, and this is my favorite of this books. He is a champion artist. He understands children and weaves life with humor. The idyllic Maine island is the setting many of us long for, and this book at least brings it into our homes. Old fashioned life is glorified here, but not beyond what is realistic. The only critique of this book is the quality of the binding. Perhaps we have read it too many times, lol; but it is sadly falling apart! We have had two versions now, one softcover and one hard; both are falling apart. Aw well, it is well loved and bindings aren’t now what they once were. But literature is alive and well.

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