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One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak (2014-02-04) Hardcover – 1804 by B.J. Novak (Author)

Hilarious! If you’re a fan of The Office you will love this book. It really gives a look inside of BJ Novak’s mind. He is a bit strange but in all the best ways. Each short story is anywhere from 3-5 pages. I read a couple before bed. Not appropriate for kids like his other book. Check it out!

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak (2014-02-04) Hardcover – 1804 by B.J. Novak (Author) Review

I’m still unsure of how I feel about this. Some of the stories were his attempt of using humour as an engine for insightfulness. Some were downright clever and were this neat little insight into the mind of a person who helped contribute to and create one of my favourite shows (The Office). And then there were certain stories where I found myself losing interest – they didn’t necessarily fit with the theme of the book as a whole (if there is one). The longer pieces, such as the brilliant translator Audetat, or the final piece: I felt were just the cerebral muscle flexes of someone trying to prove they have the chops to be a short story novelist. This is a dessert book; I found myself engrossed at times, but other times I found myself struggling to get through. Quick to get through, but also quick to forget as well. -Read Reviews-

The trailer for the book was a funny, relatively subtle plug and I decided sure, I’ll check it out. I used Look Inside to read the first two stories, both of which made me laugh out loud once or twice, and decided to buy it. When it arrived, I read the book cover to cover in one sitting. The unpredictable tones from one story to the next, along with the well-constructed flow of the book as a whole, prevented me from ever losing interest. What I enjoyed most were the moments when Novak was able to perfectly capture and convey things I’ve thought about people or places in passing; things that I thought were quirky or odd. It’s as if he had the same experiences, sat down, and found a way to transform a fleeting moment into a relatable, entertaining story. Of course there were a few stories that I wouldn’t miss if they hadn’t made into the book, but they were still a decent read, and short anyways. I felt perhaps they were there more for pacing between the heavier-hitting stories. Overall I think it’s a collection of stories that anyone could enjoy and I look forward to more of Novak’s creativity in the future.

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