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On the Beach

I’ve had the original DVD version of this movie for more than 10 years. This review covers that aspect. There are plenty of reviews on here that excellently convey just how great and emotionally stirring a story this is. Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire are at the top of their game. Even Anthony Perkins brings in a riveting performance. What this movie desperately deserves is for artists, specifically those from Criterion who never disappoint, to give it the 21st century remaster it deserves. I’ve read every review of the Blu-ray release and have no intention of wasting my precious movie collection dollars on a flawed and zero effort release. If you plan to add this movie to your collection, which it absolutely deserves, simply purchase the DVD version until a group with the skills and caring necessary remasters it. I hope Criterion is listening. Check it out!

The war is over. Nobody won. Only the inhabitants of Australia and the men of the US submarine Sawfish have escaped the nuclear destruction and radiation. Captain Dwight Towers (Gregory Peck) takes the Sawfish on a mission to see if an approaching radiation cloud has weakened, but returns with grim news: the cloud is lethal. With the days and hours dwindling, each person confronts the grim situation in his or her own way. One (Fred Astaire) realizes a lifetime Grand Prix ambition,another (Ava Gardner) reaches out for a chance at love. The final chapter of human history is coming to a close… From acclaimed director Stanley Kramer (The Defiant Ones, Inheritthe Wind) and screenwriter John Paxton comes this spectacular movie landmarka film masterpiece with a message that will resonate as long as the world has the power to self-destruct at its own fingertips.




On the Beach Review


Although I have a copy of this DVD, I secured this one because of the English Captions to secure the right spelling and listing of names. This movie was an international sensation the day it was released. For the premieres, Gregory Peck was in Moscow, Eva Gardner was in Paris, while Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins were at prestigious locations in the United States. Like the Novelist Nevil Shute, Stanley Kramer with genius produced in a movie form "On The Beach" that realistically presented the end by Nuclear Holocaust. My Father was stationed at a SAC AF Base and I was only 12 years old and knew this. In the movie, there is the Drift – the earth’s atmosphere has a constant drift from the rotation of the earth. Today, there are nuclear bombs with the equivalent power of over 400 Hiroshima Bombs. In 1959 and today it is realized in a Nuclear Holocaust, the inhabitants of Australia may be the only survivors – except if the Fallout remains in the Drift. The Movie reveals the war is over and no one wins. The Nuclear Cloud remained lethal after the American Nuclear Submarine returned from Point Barrow, Alaska. As the days and hours dwindle before the end, people lined up at the clinic for suicide drugs. Captain Dwight Lionel Towers accepts the death of his wife, son and daughter. Julian Osborn’s final ambition is to race in a Grand Prix. Moira reaches out for a chance of love. Hosgood has the last drink with her Admiral. Anthony Perkins and Donna Anderson as husband and wife accept the inevitable to end the life of their baby. It is the final chapter of humanity coming to a close and portrayed perfectly in Melbourne, Australia. The threat of the end of Humanity by destruction and radiation is just as real today as it was in the 1950s. This film is a classic masterpiece with a continual message that will not end as long as nations in the world have the power to self-destruct at the touch of a fingertip. As a former Major in the USAF I show this movie every chance I have to warn people of this. -Read Reviews-

The film by Kino Lobo is nothing more than a transfer from the DVD release with all it has not been cleaned and frankly is a waste of money I have the dvd which in some ways it seems better than this blu ray copy which only enhances the flaws .

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