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OmieBox Bento Lunch Box With Insulated Thermos For Kids, Blue Sky

I purchased my OmieBox when they were still on pre-order. I noticed my daughter wasn’t eating cold nuggets or cold mac and cheese so I had to go this route to get some variety in besides ham sandwiches or PB&J. I am a bento-holic so this box combines the ability to be creative with a nice hot lunch. For those of you who struggle to fit juice boxes or utencils into the OmieBox, I order Honest Juice BOXES (not soft packs) from Amazon in bulk. They fit perfectly, and have way less sugar and sodium than traditional drink boxes. And then on top of the drink as pictured, I place Fenigo petit happy face cutlery (Fenigo. com), they fit great! Although, it would be pretty handy to have a utencil pocket on the side of the box or the top or something. When the box leaves the house, all is well. For the comments about the thread on the thermos, the collar which goes between the lid and the thermos base has one rounded edge and 3 angled which needs to be placed just right like a puzzle piece to close correctly. I was confused at first and then realized that even though it fit in the box, it was not positioned correctly for the lid to twist. We don’t tighten the thermos lid all the way, just enough to seal it closed but not so tight that my daughter has to get help to open it. I showed her how to work it before the first use so she wouldn’t struggle. She has mentioned that her soup leaked, but I really think the issue is with her ability to close the lid tight enough (or at all to save time for recess), and less due to the box being defective. Like I said, everything is fine when she takes off to school. There are some great lunch totes that allow bento boxes to lay flat such as the 3 Sprouts Lunch bag or they have similar rectangular totes at Ikea. This would also allow for the utensils and drinks to be in the lunch tote leaving more room for food in the bento containers. Besides the thermos, the rest of the box is not meant for applesauce or yogurt etc. For a seal-proof Bento, try the yumbox, or Bentgo, although they are not temperature controlled for hot food. In summary, we are very pleased with our purchase. I hand-wash all the items to keep them operational. To make sure the thermos stays extra warm, I let hot water sit in the metal base while i prep the rest of the lunch and then dump the water and place the hot food into an already hot container and close it up! Stays nice and hot for lunchtime at school. It has even still been warm when I pickup at 3:00 in the afternoon. I love Bento for the convenience that my kid has more time to enjoy her food without having to wait on the hot lunch line or fiddle with frustrating bags of crackers or carrots etc. Thanks for a wonderful innovative lunch box, OmieLife! Check it out!

Product Description OmieBox is the first leakproof bento lunch box for kids that stores hot and cold food together, so parents can pack healthier school lunches. Kids get up to two-thirds of their daily calories at school, so make those calories count with healthy meals packed into one easy to use bento lunch box. OmieBox is different because it has a built-in thermos food jar that keeps lunch warm for 4 hours. The bento compartments are double walled, air insulated and leakproof, so it keeps fruits and vegetables cool and fresh. You won’t need a separate lunch box because OmieBox comes with a handle, so it is the only container you need to store and transport food to school. OmieBox has a clean, modern design, and it’s so easy to use it’ll change the way you think about school lunches. You put a lot of love and hard work into your kids lunch, making sure they get the nutrients they need to grow. OmieBox’s thermos bento lunch box design protects the lunches you create so every time your kids open it, what they see is your love.

OmieBox Bento Lunch Box With Insulated Thermos For Kids, Blue Sky Review

I really wanted this to work since my child refuses to eat a sandwich of any kind, but will eat foods like spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, etc. The problem for me was that this thermos box will not keep food hot at all. On my first attempt, I put freshly prepared from the stove macaroni and cheese into the thermos which was pre-heated for 10 minutes with boiling water as instructed. I tested the macaroni and cheese not quite 3 hours later and it tested 89 degrees F. So I emailed Omielife and they had me perform a test by putting boiling water (it read 210 degrees F) and seal it up for 4 hours then test again. 4 hours later it was 113 degrees. So 113 degrees may be hot enough for soup, but the problem is that water or broth that is boiling will lose nearly 100 degrees and be at a somewhat decent temperature for eating, you can not get physical noodles like spaghetti to a hot enough temperature that when accounting for the heat loss, results in a warm meal. So I tried with just chicken noodle soup. Mostly broth, should be fine. WRONG. The thermos leaked all over the omiebox when carried by the handle like it is designed to do. I might add that omielife sent me a replacement thermos after my first one did not keep heat and the exact same thing happened with both thermoses. Save your money. It is a really good idea, but it just does not work as promised. UPDATE 9/6/16- So I received a complimentary replacement omiebox after posting a poor review. I wanted to update my original review now. The new omiebox does in fact work better than the previous omiebox. For what it is worth, I ordered a green omiebox initially, and was told that they had updated the pink and yellow colors with better insulation, so I received a new yellow version. I performed the same boiling water test on the new box as I did the old. After placing boiling water into the thermos and leaving it for 4 hours the water read 125 degrees F. When I did the test with pasta, I actually forgot to take the temperature before serving it, but my 5 year old ate it without any complaints, unlike the previous omiebox where she refused because the food was too cold. I packed pasta today and sent her to school and she reported that the food was warm and that she would definitely want to take the omiebox again. At this point I would give the omiebox 3 stars. I would like it if they could get the thermos to keep the food a little warmer but I understand that they have to fight thermodynamics also and that this will be quite difficult while keeping all the positive aspects like the easy open lid. If you don’t have to have piping hot food or super cold food, this will probably work just fine for you. -Read Reviews-

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Thermal insulated bento lunch box with two temperature zones for storing hot and cold foods

Integrated stainless steel vacuum insulated thermos food jar provides powerful insulation for hot foods

Double walled, air insulated bento lunch box keeps fruits & vegetables cool and fresh

3 separate leak-proof bento compartments keep food separated and visually appealing

Food grade safe, FDA-approved, BPA-free materials

Have been using it for my toddler since couple of months. Today the top rubbery part fell off and this is what I found ! Trying really hard to clean it but its not going away. Just be aware !!!

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