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Oh, the Places You'll Go! Audible – Unabridged Dr. Seuss (Author),

This book is so cute; I love Dr. Seuss books. I got this one for my daughter to keep for years to come. I meant to get one last year when she was in preschool but I didn’t want to pay list price, this one is great because it was more affordable. Anyway, my plan is to have her teachers each year write a little note to her and then when she graduates give it to her as a graduation gift. I tracked down her preschool teacher and had her sign it and write a note. Then I took it to kindergarten and had that teacher sign it too. When she gets in middle and high school I am hoping her favorite teacher will indulge me and do the same and write her a little note. The book itself is high quality. It is bound perfectly and has good quality paper for the pages. The book comes with a dust cover to protect the book. It’s a nice high quality book, and it has a cute Dr. Seuss story about all the places one can go in their lives. Hopefully my kids go far. Check it out!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Audible – Unabridged Dr. Seuss (Author), Review

I have bought 4 of these so far. I use these for my kids. I started my daughters at her baby shower. On one page I had every guest sign the book instead of signing a guest book, then I titled the page with sticker’s saying "Baby Shower Guests" everyone wrote a special message. Then I brought it to the hospital and had all visitors sign it and again titled that page "My first visitors" the plan with hers is to do the same as I did with my other children’s books but didn’t start as early. The front pages are Mom’s and Dad’s pages to write a letter to our Daughter when she was born and in the middle we are going to have all significant adults in her life sign the book whether it be teachers, coaches, baby sitters, etc. then on the last two pages, Mom and Dad are going to write a graduation letter to her and in the back of the book we have set aside a section for her graduation party guest book. We will use this book at every major event in her life from here on out until she leaves the nest! It comes in a solid case which keeps it protected. -Read Reviews-

Picked up a copy of this for our son, born 6 weeks early through a challenging pregnancy. Took it with me to every appointment and had it signed by the physicians, nurses and supportive people who helped bring him safely and healthily into this world. He is now 5 1/2 months old and loves the book’s colorful illustrations. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to appreciate the weight of the story and the signatures and well-wishes of those who cared for him!

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