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Oh Say Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) Hardcover – March 27, 2001 by Bonnie Worth (Author)

I chose this rating due to the amount of information presented on a page, and the advanced reading level. Most Dr. Seuss books engage children with a sense of humor and of whimsy. His rhymes and characters are beloved by generations. It may be unreasonable to expect that Bonnie Worth could capture the charm of the Cat in the Hat. My expectations might have been set too high because his image was on the cover. At age two and a half my son definitely understands that seeds need water and sunlight. He has planted bulbs, and seen the resulting flowers. He has a blast in the garden. I think that these sensory experiences are setting him up for asking the "where to plants come from?" and when he is an older reader his motivation to understand science will engage him in the story. This book does not set out to engage, it sets out to inform. Yes, I have enjoyed reading my son this book twice but I have to completely skip over the scientific diagrams of the innards of a seed. Several pages look more like a text book than a childrens story, and that is what disappointed me the most. I just make up the text, and that sort of defeats the purpose of reading a Cat in the Hat book. Where is the poetry?I will put this away until he is four and he can study books to absorb every single things on that page. That day will come soon enough, Im sure. Check it out!

From the Inside Flap With the able assistance of Thing 1 and Thing 2 — and a fleet of Rube Goldbergian vehicles — the Cat in the Hat examines the various parts of plants, seeds, and flowers; basic photosynthesis and pollination; and seed dispersal.

Oh Say Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) Hardcover – March 27, 2001 by Bonnie Worth (Author) Review

Cat in the hat learning library books are quickly becoming my 3 year olds favorite. All of these books are great for a child who is curios and wants to learn about these. This was especially great after we planted our garden by seed, she was very interested in the book because she could relate. Not a bad read and a tad less hard to understand than some others we have read. Great info on the parts of the seeds and how they germinate etc. Would be great in a classroom. -Read Reviews-

Full of information about the growth, parts and functions of plants. It’s great for preschoolers who already read well on their own or who are often read to, because it is truly a head start on the tools they will be given to learn with in school (textbooks). I think this book is great for older children and adults who love Seuss as well. We love this book in my house and this was the second time buying it (the first one had an unfortunate accident) and as well we have purchased other Cat in the Hat Learning Library books as a result of our enjoyment with this one and are not disappointed with any of them.

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