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Numbers Colors Shapes (First 100) Board book – May 10, 2011 by Roger Priddy (Author)

I got this book for my 17 month old son who isn’t very talkative. This book is really great; it’s colorful, vibrant, and easy to read. I love that is a board book, so it’s durable. I can sit with him and read him the words while he reads along and observes the realistic pictures provided as examples. I really enjoy having this book for him. I highly recommend. Check it out!

About the Author Roger Priddy’s passion for educating children through fun, informative and engaging books has led him to create some of publishing’s most enduring and successful non-fiction early learning books. Roger lives in London and has three children, who have been the inspiration behind many of his best publishing ideas.

Numbers Colors Shapes (First 100) Board book – May 10, 2011 by Roger Priddy (Author) Review

I ordered all three of these wonderful "First 100 Numbers, Shapes and Colors" , "First 100 Animals" and "First 100 Words" books for my one year old grandson. I wasn’t aware of their size when I ordered them but as he opened the gift we were so happy to see that his little hands could easily hold the books and turn the pages. The pages are thick and the surface is glossy so they are easy to turn and impossible to tear or rip. These are wonderful books for a baby/toddler to peruse by himself or have a caregiver or parent enjoy looking at each picture or word with him. As a teacher, I know the importance of sounding out each word and name of each picture to help the child pronounce words correctly and learn about objects and things he may or may not ever see on a daily basis. I love these books, especially the small size and how much information is packed into each one!! Great products!! -Read Reviews-

Cute book, lots of words shapes and colors, good purchase.

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