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Not Quite Dating: Not Quite Series, Book 1 Audiobook – Unabridged Catherine Bybee (Author),

As a male reader who typically reads Clancy, Thor, Flynn, etc., this was my first "romance" book. I am a voracious reader (knocked out Deathly Hallows in one sitting), so I took a chance on one of my wife’s books. Didn’t like the historical romance 1500/1600s. However this book was the first romance book I had ever liked and really like the great writing, and excellent story line. Since then I have read over 1000 titles, and still rank this as the gold standard to compare all other romance books (Roberts, Carr, Sparks, Macomber, etc. ). I hope that this series makes it to the big screen. I would suffer through $20 bucket of popcorn to see it. Check it out!

Not Quite Dating: Not Quite Series, Book 1 Audiobook – Unabridged Catherine Bybee (Author), Review

"Not Quite Dating" chronicles the story of Jessie Mann, a waitress working the worst shifts, and Jack Morrison, a deadbeat-looking guy who drives and old truck and looks like he has no prospects. Sounded interesting to me. And for some reason, I clicked the "Buy now with 1-click" on Amazon. I wasn’t disappointed. Author Catherine Bybee turns out is some bestselling author. Who knew? Not me, that’s certain. I mean, she doesn’t write spy thrillers, historical fiction, weird autobiographies by Alaska pioneers or even military science fiction. Damn. Whatever, I liked this story. Jessie has enough trouble in her life and dating some guy she thinks is interesting and cute isn’t enough. Her son depends on her, and her sister lives in her tiny one bedroom while she’s going to nursing school. Jessie has responsibilities, and she knows a loser guy can make life tougher. She’d prefer somebody with prospects. Heck maybe even with money. Jack meets her by chance after his buddy’s bachelor party. He’s smitten. She doesn’t want anything to do with him, and that’s OK. He’s determined. The book’s all about how Jack connives his way into her life. After she shoots down his offer of a date, he asks to be friends and he’ll help find her a decent guy. What can she lose, Jessie figures? Turns out Jack’s got money. But he’s been around gold diggers and likes Jessie for her drive. He likes her more and more. Anyway, I was hooked. Bybee’s got a knack for grabbing her readers and not letting go. I had to find out how this worked out. And it’s not easy. Conflict arrives in multiple ways from both sides. -Read Reviews-

I first read the reviews, but then I bought the book anyway because I’d already read #5 in the series (by mistake, but oh well) and I like Bybee’s writing and story and character development. I read this book and loved it so much, I started at the beginning and read it all over again! With the same feelings I had before. I think I’m in love with Jack!!! Yeah, he lied to Jessie but he had lots of reasons to. When an author puts together a story, it has to have logic behind the psychology of the characters’ makeup. Bybee’s characters make perfect sense to me. I read romance for the HEAs, honestly. Life is hard enough because there are very few HEAs in anyone’s life, and many times there are none. So I buy romance novels, I attempt writing them (I have 2 complete drafts and still working on them, learning from good romance authors still), and I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Catherine Bybee is my newest on my list of favorite romance authors – Kristen Ashley, Toni Anderson, Tamra Baumann, Julia Gabriel. They have all lightened my life and I am 100% grateful to all of them. <3 yeah that’s a heart

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